Keeping the Balance

As often as I can possibly make, I hit the state library of Dortmund again. Being on the second floor and using the internet service for 1 hour 45 minutes. The one hour needs extra 2 Euro. Since the internet at home is not working, I’ve got to spend 2 Euro for one hour, well, I’ve got to browse things, read, and write, and chat with friends and family (now that I am far from my homeland).

Anyway, I have borrowed some books again, here are the lists:
1. Magda Eggens, Rose Lagercrantz
Was meine Augen gesehen haben
2. Gert Koppel
Untergetaucht, Eine Flucht aus Deutschland
3. Annette Roeder
Orang-Utans klaut Man nicht
4. Maria Jacques
Mein weißer Fuß
5. Magica, Unsere wunderbare Welt
I have been using for my online library, but sadly, only one book out of four on the above list is mentioned on goodreads. Perhaps, the other four are not as famous.

Being in this cozy library makes me wanna stay longer than necessary, but I’ve got things to do. If only this were a part of our home, hehe. While I am sitting here, there are two teenagers who cannot stop talking. I do not know what they are talking about, oh and yes, I am eavesroping! but it is legal, is not it?. My German ability after having lived here with my husband for 8 months is not perfect yet. Of course, I still stumble upon some words. Not that I worry too much about grammar, but I’d rather speak perfectly than not. But if I spoke only when I could speak this language perfectly, then it would take years, hehe.

Since I moved here, I need the balance of using the languages: German, Indonesian, and English.There are a lot of people whose language skills degrade soon they are moving to a country which does not speak the language. I feel like my English speaking ability is not as ‘perfect’ as when I was in Indonesia. It is not something bad. I just need the effort to make it not to be on the ‘ROTTEN ROOM’. I do read English newspaper, articles written in English. I do miss speaking and writing Indonesian, so that explains why I have changed my blogging style here: I no longer write ONLY in English, but also in Indonesian.

Time goes fast, I’ve got to end the ‘report’.
Have a blessed Day!

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2 responses to “Keeping the Balance

  1. It’s nice to hear what going on there 🙂 That library sounds really like a nice place. I know what you mean by Rotten Room. My Thai is so bad that my family barely understand me talking anymore 😦

  2. hehee, really? but that’s your mother tongue. Don’t you also meet other Thai friends there? But, that can happen that our speaking skills become so mixed up hehe.

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