20 Minutes Left!

I am currently in the library in Dortmund, Germany. I had been postponing going here for almost 7 months since I came here. The first thing was because I did not feel confident with my German, the second thing was because I still needed to take the language course which is an obligatory kind of test for foreigners. Thank God I passed it within a short month and with flying colors, that was just more than I expected, really. I feel blessed. Alhamdullilah.

Now I am using the free service of the library: internet free for 45 minutes only. The extra time costs 1 Euro. Well, I do not mind that, but I really do not want to pay now. Anyhow, the time is going fast. It is now 16 minutes left! wuhuuu and at the same time I was chatting with a friend too. I wanted to know how fast I can type within 20 minutes, and how sensible I am.

Anyhow, I have gifted myself three books of German children stories. I mean I finally borrowed them. This library is the most fun place to spend the time when I do not have anything much to do. But I guess I will start using the short time in the library. FUN!!

Gosh! 12 minutes more!! phew! I was like running, but this is fun. I think I need to do this more often.
Ciao!!! time to make go home and make some snacks for me and my beloved husband!
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2 responses to “20 Minutes Left!

  1. Lulu, Congrats on passing the test 🙂 I bet that library is very cool place to spend the day. You did amazing in 20 minutes 🙂

  2. hehehe, Tes, you were teasing me! hehe. Ya, it was fun though to set the time to write sensible thing within a short time. Thanks anyway! the library is indeed cool! too many books I would like to read. Tes, how’s your writing stories thing? are you still working on it?

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