Projects! (or Dreams)-A.C.T.I.V.E

Feeling passive, and that’s absolutely not great at all. I have been gathering ideas what to do to make me feel ‘alive'(active). Feeling like my brain is in a silent mode, which makes me feel weaker.Of course I miss working, being active.This is actually a shame that I have abandoned my love of writing for some months, have not been reading any blogs or news online. And I plan to change that slowly, but surely.

I am gonna mix my language here for I miss speaking in my own mother tongue: Bahasa.So be warned! in case you are wondering some strange words. If you speak Bahasa, then, congratulations! you are one of the few people who manage to know this easy language.

Kangen yang namanya ‘mikir’!
Thinking of making some small projects of my own, tapi apa gitu?? Here are some candidates!
1. Bento
Based on Wikipedia is a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine. A traditional bento consists of rice, fish or meat, and one or more pickled or cooked vegetables, usually in a box-shaped container. As far as I have noticed on the internet, bento lovers use bento to decorate the meal of their kids. Since we have no kids who go to school yet, this bento thing sounds a little bit childish. Bento for my husband? Hmm, wondering what he would say! bisa-bisa langsung dicengirin alias diketawain ‘Masak aku bawa bento’. But perhaps there are some Bento arts for ‘Adult meals’ :)). But so far, I have only found cute bento for kids, which I like so much.

My family is into painting. I would say my parents, siblings, cousins are all good at painting. Aku juga sih! cuma karena gak pernah dilatih, jadi rada kaku! I seldom put it into practise, so the result is rather ‘komisch’ or strange in English.However, I have gifted myself a wonderful sketch book! For the moment, I do not need any palette, or acrylic, or oil paintings. I need to learn to sketch things. Black and white !As simple as that! Gampang to!

Hiyaaa!! pessimistic! kerja online?? mana mungkin? kecil lah kemungkinan! I have been told about this freelancer online job. I have never been optimistic on this kind of job. ‘This kind of job’ sounds negative! koyok gak mungkin! but maybe it is possible! I still do not know!

4.Teaching (Working)
I miss it of course.Background aku keguruan Bahasa Inggris. Cuma di Jerman ini, kebanyakan lowongan kerja needs an ENGLISH NATIVE SPEAKER! in other words: the competitive rank is too high. Of course there are some job vacancies who do not emphasize on this ‘FIXED’ quality, but still it’s going to be hard. I was suggested that I teach ‘Bahasa’! let’s face it! People in Germany are not really into learning this language.People here mostly want to learn Spanish, Italian, French,Thai,Chinese,etc, but not Bahasa. This is EUROPE!! in Australia or the US are probably different. Somehow they are ‘closely attached’ to Indonesia, therefore I often hear there are some native Americans or Australians who are into the Indonesian culture, that includes learning the language. I even heard that Bahasa is taught in some schools in Australia. So, teaching Bahasa in Germany is rather a silly idea!

Ugh! this is gonna be a loooooooong road to take! but it is not I.M.P.O.S.S.I.B.L.E., it is not easy to achieve this dream. But, Alhamdullilah my dreams have always been coming true, even though some took so long until they came true. Patience is a virtue!! I am still optimistic one of these days I will achieve this dream. Mungkin pas aku dah tua!nggak masalah! amiiin amiin! I once joined the Jakarta Post online, but have not been serious in sending some articles to them. I think I am gonna start today!Hiyaaa!!!

Udah segitu aja! Today’s key word : A.C.T.I.V.E!!!

Greetings from Germany!

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