Das schöne Lied von Herbst

A barren land in full color is awesome
Ein unfruchbarres Land in voller Farbe ist genial

The smell of the air is so inviting for a cup of an evening tea
Das Geruch der Luft ist so einladend für eine Tasse Tee am Abend

The sound of the wind rustling awakes the childhood memory of hers

Yet not as awesome as her life has been
Doch nicht so genial wie ist ihr Leben

The life that has never been cold
even if the foggy days come
Das Leben, das nie wurde kalt, auch wenn die nebligen Tage kommen
showered with cold and silent rain

She has yet to know Autumn too long
Sie hat noch zum Herbst zu lange wissen

Yet she savors it a great deal
Doch genießt es sie sehr viel

It’s been ‘years’ since I played words in poems, maybe I should do it more often, but it all depends on my mood. I was trying to translate my own poem in German. Ah well, it is a part of my German self-study methods: a romantic methodology. Whether or not it affects to my study, I shall see. It might work if I do this method once a week instead of only once a month.

So, I hope to get some feedback for anyone out there who speaks German to correct my poem.In case you do not speak German, but appreciate poetry, I’d be glad to receive your insight on Autumn poems.

Mein erste Herbst, Dortmund, Germany
Lu2 on Lingua

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