Yummy on Lingua : Shrimp Schotel (mit ohne Bild Rezept)

It is still fresh on my mind the first time I felt attached to the kind of food people know as ‘Schotel’. With only limited time browsing due to this and that reason, I managed to find the meaning of Schotel. It originates from Dutch, meaning ‘dish’. Back to my first time introducing this ‘Schotel’ to my taste buds, I remember having more than just one plate of this dish! It was back in 2000 when my beloved family and I attended a wedding of a cousin in Jakarta, Indonesia that I found yummy schotel in one of the food counters in the standiing-party wedding. I am often a slow eater, and so was I at that time. I was about to take my third plate when a lady took faster the spoon of the schotel! and the worst thing was that it was indeed the LAST PIECE on the pan! she smiled at me, and took the last big chunk of the schotel while saying ‘ This is so yummy’, in my ears, it sounded like she was ‘mocking’me ….my translation :

‘Poor you! I am faster, and there is no way whatsoever would I share this to you young lady!’

Since then I have started to like ‘Schotel’ of nearly any kind! I have grown up to like cooking! thanks to my mum who sometimes involved me in her cooking activities when I was still a little girl. Back in Indonesia, I sometimes created my own recipes, just because I was such a lazy-bone person sometimes that I did not want to go out for shopping and wanted to use whatever ingredients I still had at home.

There is no difference in Germany where I sometimes create my own recipes. It is sometimes not a nice feeling to create my own recipes for I have no idea how they will taste. If I were a master chef, I would feel different when I created my own recipes: I would get the idea on how it tasted when ,say, shrimp is cooked with curcuma, or things like that.

IMHO, Schotel is one of the dishes that does not need a master chef’s skills to make. In Bahasa we call it ‘ Plung plung’ recipe: All you need to do is putting all ingredients together, and bake it!. I have recently tried several kinds of Schotel on the recipe books I have . But, there has never been ‘seafood’ schotel. Most of the Schotel which I read are mostly chicken,and beef. I am curious how it will taste with Shrimps,but if you read my previous lines here, you might be able to guess the main reason why I used Shrimp this time. OK; no guessing game! Genau! it was because I was a lazy bone!

So, spending only less than 60 minutes in the kitchen, I made this Shrimp schotel of my own recipe. It turned out to be yummy. thanks to my husband who gave the honest opinion!
So here is the recipe, in case you would like to try! But before trying this out, there are some ‘rules’ you need to read for your consideration, and if possible to obey:

1. Do not rely too much on the measurement I use as the measurement I used was depending on my own feeling.
2.Do not blame me if the taste of your schotel turns out to be different from what you expect.

Shrimp Schotel for two

So es geht los! let’s get started!
Ingredients :
1. Shrimps or prawns. Cut them into pieces if you only have few pieces of prawns or shrimps.
2.2 tsp of Grounded garlic
3.Some breadcrumbs (das Paniermehl)
4.2 eggs : stirred + add 100 ml of vollmilch(milk),and salt
5.Maccaroni or noodle
6.Gouda cheese or any kinds of cheese of your favor.
7. Pepper

1. Boil salted water that has been added with grounded garlic. Then add maccaroni or noodle. Do not cook until tender. Then drain the maccaroni. It is better to let it cool down a bit before you process it for the next step.

2.After cooling it down, spreadsome breadcrumbs + no 4 in the ingredients.

3. Prepare your pan-dishes for the oven. Grease the pans with butter or margarine.

4. Place the shrimps in the pans to cover the bottom, then add cheese, maccaroni, shrimps again,cheese, and maccaroni again. Spread breadcrumbs again on top and sprinkle gratted cheese!

5. Bake in the oven for about 225 C for at least 30 minutes or until the cheese turns to brown.

Voila!!! the schotel ist fertig!

I know this is kinda strange to have the recipe posted without any pictures! in my case this is not easy.
Anyway selamat makan” Guten Appetit, und schönes Wochenende bei Sie! Tell me how you like this schotel!

Greetings from yummy steamy kitchen in our home in Dortmund
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4 responses to “Yummy on Lingua : Shrimp Schotel (mit ohne Bild Rezept)

  1. Oh it does sound like a simple recipe, but it sounds really comforting and delicious 🙂 I will definitely try this someday 🙂

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