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Each month we receive many applications from people who want to be authors for Lonely Planet. We read them all, then invite those with promise to submit a writing sample. We set the bar high. Last year out of over 500 applications we recruited eight new authors. We have more than 200 skilled and experienced freelance authors working on guidebooks from Sydney to Senegal and currently all our needs are met. If you’re interested in being an author for LP, come back to this part of the site each month for the latest update, and if we’re recruiting for someone with your expertise, please drop us a line.

Lonely Planet

Definitely, it is not easy to become an author:es ist nicht leicht, ein Autor zu werden.

And I feel rejected as a ‘writer’!Quotations are used for the moment to tell you that I am not recently paid for my writing I have distributed here and there. It is not about the salary,really! but more to self-satisfaction. One is willing to pay your writing only if your writing is considered interesting.. So,…

Payment = Interesting
Interesting (articles) = (My) self-satisfaction
And this self-satisfaction that makes one a
successful writer

But, as an Indonesian says ‘Perjuangan belum berakhir.’ meaning I have to put more of my efforts on becoming one (author or writer)!Someday….
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