Freshly Pressed with Blackberry ?

I have been blogging since 2003. I am not a professional blogger or writer (yet??), even though I have been trying to be one. But IMHO the path to be one needs great efforts, a strong determination for example.Being a successful blogger(read : has the possibility to turn into a writer) means your blogs are able to make hundreds of people hmm readers in this case to keep coming back to read your entries. I have lacked of motivation recently, which needs changing soon. Inspirations are all around me but laziness takes control over my life.Perhaps I should ground myself by not allowing my blog to be vacuum for a week. The idea is to write every day: and the piece of writing is not necessarily hmm scientific kinds of writing, or you can say ‘Clever Conversations’. My blog is not meant to make people smart by reading it, it is merely used for my own improvement in seeing things, expressing things.Does it make sense? I hope so.

As I said ‘Inspirations are all around me.’ If I could try harder, I could probably write one entry a day. Sometimes I imagine writing anywhere I like, and want. I know you must be thinking of a ‘DIARY’, you know, an old form of DIARY with numbers of paper sheet, a JOURNAL some people call it. In principal, one can bring this paper diary every where, and one can jot pieces of writing anywhere, anytime. However, I seem to have loved BLOG since the day I tried it out. It feels strange to write things on a DIARY now, feels more tiring, even if I do it with an elegant pencil or pen. Once I get an inspiration to write, I often have to pause to write it on BLOG for a moment because of this and that. Then, the inspiration often ends up in a draft file, sometimes without being worked on for I don’t know how long, then when I want to go on with it, I feel lost, I do not feel the excitement as I did the first time I decided to write it here. Then, I will say ‘ Ah,okay, next time.’ Then finally the draft is forgotten. Shame!.

Today, I opened my wordpress again after, hmm few weeks. I noticed the ads ‘Blackberry for Wordpres.’ I know the ads has been there quite sometime. But, it got me to thinking an idea now. What if I ‘wordpress'(read : blog) with it? I have nothing against BB (stands for Blackberry). I never say ‘ I won’t be using it’, instead of saying so , I say ‘for the meantime, I do not need it.’

I do not know how convenient it can be to wordpress with it, with small buttons. But I can imagine how nice it can be to have ideas or inspirations freshly pressed. Or maybe I just have not blogged for sometime that I have considered having Blackberry??


4 responses to “Freshly Pressed with Blackberry ?

  1. Ha ha, I can type more ideas faster than I can write them. I keep a journal, but youre right, it’s more tedious to write on paper than it is to write on a computer.

    And blackberry buttons are so small!!! Don’t be confused…you don’t like what you don’t like. Who does?

    • hehe, I know. We are on the same boat JP. Is it an improvement ? or it is called the doomsday of the diary? hehe.
      Yeah, too small for bloggiing!

  2. I can’t imagine myself working on my blog through the phone either… I think it would drive me mad! Maybe you could try a mini-laptop… I find it useful when I’m on the move 🙂

    • haha, yes, perhaps it would be nice for hmm short entry, consists of only fewer than 100 words. I do not know, I have never tried. Mini laptop can be more convenient, and now all are about gadgets in my mind, and all are dedicated to the improvement of my blogs, well my own creativiy actually.

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