Travelogue : JJ, The Bustling Road on Home of the Backpackers-Day 1/2

Jalan Jaksa – JJ or so I read on lonely planet! If you are here, yet can not seem to follow me, check this first entry.

Jakarta’s sky was starting to get darker and darker. However,the noises I heard outside indicated time was still young. I wonder now whether time has ever gone “old” (read: quiet) for JJ.I went outside, and once in a while I looked upon a sky, and saw the light. I was hoping the rain wouldn’t fall.

Jakarta is not much different from Surabaya when it comes to food stalls. Some years back, when I visited Jakarta with my family; we tried quite many typical Jakartan foods like Ketoprak ( this is kinda strange name for food. Ketoprak in Central and Eastern Java is a kind of a play.). During my short stay, I completely forgot about it until I found one wheelbarrow sold Ketoprak across JJ, however I did not try it for some reason.

I am a food lover. When I visits either familiar places or new ones, I truly want to do some culinary hunt. But still with my philosophy “Be Wise!”. You see, I am not totally an adventurous person!

June 1st, 2011 – 7:30 PM

I had no more time left, I mean I did not intend to explore JJ at night! and the time did not stop meaning it was getting late.Like I said too many options confuse me!. But my childhood’s memory was  my only reference of food choice for dinner that night. I was pretty lucky to have found the hotel ( it is not actually a hotel- want to know why? stay tune! and read on! I will reveal it on Day 3!) I stayed at. It was a pretty nice place to stay for a short staying though.

Anyone visits Indonesia will never give me the cringe when they hear “Nasi Goreng” literally translated as “Fried Rice”. Nearly in every part of Indonesia, you will find this NASGOR ( FYI: Indonesians for some unknown reason, love to abbreviate words, or join two words or more  together as one word!– did you notice what words form the word NASGOR? hehehe)

I ordered NASGOR in the  quite-busy food stall  right in front of the hotel I stayed at. One portion looked more like two portions for me! but I never deny the fact that Jakartan NASGOR is way tastier than the one in Surabaya. In Surabaya, NASGOR spice uses sauce, while Jakartan’s NASGOR uses natural “sambal” (chillies being blended with onions and shrimp paste) so it tastes “fresher”- free from chemical, and spicier. Yep! Let’s go back to the nature! however I have heard – Shrimp Paste flavor is not favorable among foreigners’ tongues (unless they have lived in Indonesia for pretty long, enough for their taste buds to adjust with the strong smell of shrimp paste)

For the sake hygienic, healthy life healthy food

Score for the NASGOR on JJ:

Portion? definitely a little bit much!

Spicy ? HOT, definitely suits my taste buds!

Cleanliness? Well, pretty clean!

Performance? who cares?

Price ? Reasonable. IDR 8,000

Hospitality? OK

to wrap up- you got 85 out of 99

The only turns off was actually the condiment which needed to be added more.


June 2nd, 2011- Dawn time to Breakfast time

Indonesia is the most populous Muslim country in Southeast Asia, therefore each morning around 4 or 5 AM depending on the time zone, you will hear muezin calls for a morning prayer. I decided to let the fresh air fill my room by opening the door lead to a small simple balcony at the back. The view is not something worth seeing, but all I needed was to turn off the AC and change it with fresher and more natural nice air. Early morning air is always my favorite. It makes me feel alive! (exhale,inhale, exhale, inhale!). My stomach had called me for a breakfast, yet I had no idea what to have. JJ in the morning is rather different from JJ at night.  Food stalls are not built up yet, but mostly are  few wheelbarrows selling foods like BURYAM – Bubur Ayam- Chicken porridge, or SOTO MIE. It depends on your preference for breakfast. Most Indonesians do not mind eating heavy breakfast like SOTO plus rice(of course), but some others prefer a lighter breakfast like BURYAM or adopting western style of breakfast: bread and butter with coffee or tea. It was drizzling that early morning around 8 AM, and I decided to try the BURYAM in front of the hotel I stayed at.

Score for BURYAM on JJ:

Portion? definitely enough

Spicy ? Not at all spicy- well good for my morning stomach

Cleanliness? I’d say clean

Performance? Hmm not that tempting

Price ? Reasonable. IDR 6,000

Hospitality? OK

to wrap up you got 70 out of 99

I was hoping the rain did not fall, and the sun showed its shines so that I could explore a bit of JJ and nearby areas.

10 AM-12 PM

Lunch time seemed to be challenging again: I needed to decide what to have, and the most important question was where to get it. I explored the city keeping my eyes open for restaurants.From Jalan Jaksa no 5, going straight and you can find a crossroad, taking the left turn and voila!! there was a small house selling many kinds of foods, they were all Indonesian foods though, but do not expect hot foods here, they are mostly cooked already. If you see something you like or you want to try, just say the name of the food you like, and a sometime-unfriendly waiter or waitresses will serve us. If you happen to be new to Indonesian foods,and don't know the names of the foods, just point them with your index finger ( will be considered polite here though)' Saya mau yang itu' = I'd like to have that one. This little restaurant I went to was not listed in the travel books from the most popular travel guide book, you guess it!.Perhaps it is not called a restaurant for Western standard: it was just a small room with few benches where you can sit on and have heavy meals.

Now, let me enjoy my meal!


Kinds of Food sold in the restaurant on Part 3
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    • Hi Tes, I thought so that you would like the post, hehe. It had been in the draft for sometime. Thai food is mostly spicy too, I guess, like Tom Yum!!

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