The U out of the Window

It was 2 A.M when an old city was alone, and still. The street lights were dimming as if they had been saying “The bright day is still a few hours to go.” The people in the city were still lost in their dreams, and they seemed to enjoy the journeys in their dreams which might have been better than the real world.

Ya, still 2:10 A.M-pretty early, huh? I was lost in a dream for a moment or two, yet I was waken up by a siren which I did not normally hear. But, it was O.K, I guess. The siren seemed to try its best to wake the city up from its deep, and deep sleep.Perhaps not the city itself, yet the people who were lost in their dreams.I guess it was still around 2:20 A.M when I walked to the kitchen nearly half asleep, and yawned every now and then. I opened the fridge finding something to satisfy my need of food, “coklat” bars, or just some snacks.

The fridge was not really empty, in fact it was full of the aroma I liked. The aroma of “coklat” and cheese. I was awake by the light inside the fridge soon I opened it. The view out of the kitchen window I saw was indeed calm, of course it was still 2:30 A.M. I decided to sit at a chair overlooking the calm night outside. The view of the city at dawn was different than I was used to seeing. I sipped a glass of orange juice slowly. It was cold, but not as cold as the cold outside I was pretty sure.

………………..      The blessing part alhamdullilah…………..,

I am no longer alone watching the view out of the kitchen window,

I am no longer daydreaming.

Welcome to Dortmund, Germany- Note to self!

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6 responses to “The U out of the Window

  1. I know that feeling… It is like waking up from a dream and still cannot believe… Your not dreaming… Your dream is now reality… Indeed… Welcome to your new home… Dortmund… Enjoy the adventure!!

    • Hi Jim thanks for your supports all these years, yep it is like a dream comes true, hehe. I have indeed two homes.
      hope you are having fun packing, hmm I guess you have done with it? only the excitement begins now

  2. I bet it does feel surreal being there now after the long wait you had. But isn’t it wonderful to have a partner to travel the road of life with? I’m really happy for you.


    • Hi Liz, yes patience is a vritue? hehe maybe not always, but I feel blessed with what I have had. Thank you Liz!

  3. Wow Lulu, it must be strange and wonderful at the same time 🙂 I’m glad you settling in and can’t wait to hear more about it 🙂

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