Travelogue : A Short Stay in Jalan Jaksa (Rechts Hogeschool- Holland)*Home of the Backpackers* Day 1

This post is not really fresh from the oven sadly. I think I have ever blogged about the importance of blogging things fresh from the oven. In short, I was about to do so, but failed because I think the internet cafe  I wanted to go to during my short visit in the capital set a crazy price for an hour using the net. It turned me off!.

I can not recall when the last time I went to the capital of Indonesia; J.A.K.A.R.T.A, but for sure it was more than 12 years ago. I was still a little then, but I remember I did not have any fond memories of the capital. You might guess the reasons; YEP, I was stuck in a gridlock capital. I suppose it wouldn’t be called as CAPITAL without traffic jams, hehe.

Truth be told, I did not want to visit Jakarta if it was not necessary. Somehow, I gotta go! and got the important things done. I was already quite annoyed with some delays at the train stations.

June 1st, 2011 – 8 AM

I finally arrived in Gambir station alive and kicking, thank God. I was alone with none to contact with in the capital. The early morning air was rather different from Surabaya. Surabaya is definitely stuffier than Jakarta. The air in Surabaya is more air-tight, feeling like  it suffocates you;humid and sultry. Jakarta seemed to be friendly to me as a “newcomer”. I was actually quite relaxed when I left Gambir station, I guess all the delays during the train ride from Surabaya to Jakarta was healed by the fresh air of Jakarta early morning.

I was welcome by some guys who started to earn the bacon that morning. I do not know whether it is just me or you too feel this; but I felt that 8 AM in Jakarta was still pretty “early”. Those guys were mostly “ojek” drivers. “Ojek” service is a motorcycle ride  to any parts of the capital. The price ranges from 10,000 IDR to 15,000- could be more, depending on the distance. I don’t know as I do not stay there long enough to know exactly all  about the price range. My first destination was to the German embassy in Jalan MH.Thamrin No.1. Central Jakarta. Then to my hotel in Jalan Jaksa. Well I wouldn’t call it a hotel,and that will be my main focus on this blog. But for the time being, let’s call it a hotel!.Read on!!

3 PM

It was already a late lunch when I got everything done in the embassy all by myself. I think I should give my deepest appreciation to the security ladies in the embassy who have helped me with the completi0n of the documents. THUMBS UP!. I got back to the hotel in Jalan Jaksa around 3 PM. It was definitely a tiring day, yet a lot of fun!well, maybe a relief was more appropriate term to describe my experience that day. Before having hopped off the train, I had browsed a lot where to stay in the capital, especially places which were close to the embassy. I know I am seldom spontaneous, I am more a lot of preparations even though it is only a small matter for some people. Most of the hotels in the area are indeed not my budget. And so I read this Jalan Jaksa with all public opinions associate with it. I had no clear  idea for real how Jalan Jaksa was until I explored it myself. A long road around 400 meters or 500 meters full of hostels, cafes, cheap food stalls, internet cafes, second-hand book stores, mini markets, and mini bars (that usually adjoined the hotels)- hmm did I miss something??. In short Jalan Jaksa offers you some options of where to stay ( especially for backpackers), what to eat as well as what to do.

I came to Jakarta, abbreviated as JKT on a shoe string. Besides, it was only a short visit for something very important.

It was sunny that day, and I decided to take a walk nearby the area. I was already hungry. I blamed the train for its policy-OK “Policy” because I think it is not something beneficial for the passengers- not to serve dinner on the train anymore. The pretty-good train is now full of hungry passengers! Anyhow, I came across a cafe with some chairs under tarpaulin.It was an outdoor cafe, so be prepared to feel the hot breeze while enjoying your lunch. Strange as it may seem, I don’t remember the name of the cafe as my main focus to JKT was to take care of my documents.The waiters and the waitresses there were young and alive; wearing nice black outfits, especially the waiters with their Jakartan special hats called “Kopyah” that’s what I know of. They greeted me quite nicely, and handed me a menu list. I was rather confused as always when offered with too many choices of menu to choose from. I remember a friend in Germany, told me about


Pelancong dan pedagang Parsi memperkenalkan cara memasak biryani kepada orang India dan Pakistan. Hidangan ini tidak hanya populer di India dan Pakistan, melainkan juga di Irak, Iran, Afganistan, Bangladesh, dan kalangan penduduk muslim Sri Lanka.”

“A Persian visitor and merchant introduced Indian and Pakistani how to cook “Biryani”. This dishes not only is popular in India and Pakistan, but also in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Muslim Sri lanka.”

This is the bad thing being someone who is allergic to certain kinds of foods, but I decided to go for it! and see what happened. Well, I know I was bold! but I was curious how it tasted. It tasted good, I think it deserved my 4 stars. I had to down the 5th star as I was actually eating something I am allergic to.  Good news! nothing happened to me! I am save.

I walked back to the hotel for an afternoon nap! I had a long day! Jalan Jaksa was full of seemed-to-be wicked eyes greeting me in the language I know. But somehow I felt okay. I took an afternoon nap until then I had to think what was for dinner.And it was fun to explore the street!

dining on Jalan Jaksa - Jakarta, Indonesia

To be continued…..

And for sure, the short stay alone in Jakarta is quite memorable for me!
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3 responses to “Travelogue : A Short Stay in Jalan Jaksa (Rechts Hogeschool- Holland)*Home of the Backpackers* Day 1

  1. Jalan Jaksa is an easy way to get to Jakarta and the food is quite ok. I stayed there when I visited Jakarta, as I have been there twice I Guess I am am already more experienced than you. Looking forward for the next blog entry!

    • Yep, it is in the center! most importantly it is an interesting place I think. I am wondering whether you have some pictures taken there?? would be great if you can share some for me to support my next entry about Jalan Jaksa? Thanks in advance! I think when it comes to traveling, you are indeed a more experienced backpacker than I am.

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