Letters of a Javanese Princess

There is something special today, but told be truth, I find difficulties in starting my sentence with. Is this because I do not really think this is important? NO….. I think it is. Is this about feminism that I am writing about? I am not going to talk too deep. I am afraid I would be speaking out of the real topic.

My blog today is inspired by this Javanese Princess

I really cannot compare woman’s today and woman’s then. But for sure, women’s today have more opportunities to show their existence than women in the past. Every time I watch movies about woman’s life in the past; how she needed to cope with rules that limited her real “power”as a human being, how she had to accept the fact that they needed not to do certain things because they were women, I assume woman’s then was more restricted to mobility.

Equality in work fields

It’s sometimes quite mysterious what makes the world see this differently. Perhaps it is because women in general are no stronger than men physically. Unless there is a proof, women who decide to work, say, in construction fields are often seen “weak”, but this only means women are creatures to be protected. So note: I did not use the word “underestimate”. That was why I used “weak” in quotations. ( FYI: Words in quotations are confusing sometimes, hehe)

I shall agree that in general women are no stronger than men physically. However, I salute those women who manage to work something masculine, like in a construction field.

Equality in Education

It goes without saying that education is one of the cores of living.  I still remember the old saying here “Women are not supposed to study further as they end up taking care of children in the end. Men are supposed to study further for the sake of themselves and their family; children and wives.”

Let me borrow a lecturer’s saying a long time ago : Collecting degrees. He joked about making the name more sophisticated with those degrees here and there. It was a pretty nice joke, though. However, whether a woman ends up taking care of the children, and devoting to her husband has nothing to do with getting further education. Education is education. Family is family. Even though I think there is  education in devoting to family : bringing up children, for example. There are lessons to learn, that is.

I salute those women who never stop wanting to study further for the sake of herself  (her life) and her family too. And I believe studying further does not necessarily mean studying at universities, and collecting degrees, hehe.

Above all equalities, which I believe more than just the two I have mentioned above, women are not supposed to forget their blessing being born as women. What I mean to say is that : each of us was born with somehow different responsibilities. I salute those career women who have good positions in their fields, however they need not to forget their children and family. A woman is a mother of her children, a wife of a husband. Have you ever heard a saying ” Behind a successful man, there is a great woman.”

Women are naturally allowed to be busy of course, but like it or not they bear more responsibilities than just being career women.I have seen many career women do not bother taking care of the children. However, I have also met those women who manage to divide their time perfectly well between career and family. Now that’s what I call as “Feminism”.

HAPPY KARTINI’s DAY for all Indonesian women!

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6 responses to “Letters of a Javanese Princess

  1. It is important that the men take their responsibility (and right) to take equal care of the children, in that way the children will be brought up to see things more equal and also the men will appreciate that it is quite some work taking care of the children. Today is Maundy Thursday (Kamis Putih in Indonesian), where children in Sweden all dress like witches, going around giving Easter cards hoping to get some candy in return – A Swedish version of Halween.

    • Welcome to woman’s world Jens! hehe no kidding, it’s simply because today is Kartini’s day here in Indonesia.
      Men and women hand in hand together to create a happy world, happy family. I know bringing children up is also men’s job,however I believe that’s not the main job since mothers are supposed to stay more often with their children.
      Oh I think you have told me that witches thing a long time ago. Some photos will be nice, hehehe!
      Will you prepare candies??

  2. I do not agree that women are supposed to stay more with their children, other than that the first year they need to breastfeed. After that the father should take as much care as the mother, I think!

    • Here breastfeed is at least 2 years exclusively. What I mean was actually during the breastfeed.
      The question is sometimes both parents work too hard, children end up with their baby sitters

  3. I agree with Jens in both parents being equally responsible in upbringing their children. My eldest niece has three children, she and her husband work the same amount of hours a week (not fulltime) and my sister also cares for the children at least one day a week. My niece and her husband have a good life, they still enjoy their sports and friends. Watching their kids grow up, I don’t think they lack of anything. They know they are surrounded by loving adults. We are lucky though, to live in a world where this is possible. There are so many countries still, where women are regarded as a kind of man-servants, not deserving a life of their own.
    I loved reading the blog Lulu, you are in a blogging mood again?

    • I think so Gerda, there are so many countries, where women are regarded as a kind of man-servants. In some remote areas here, these think still happen, but I guess only rarely. Life is getting difficult, everything needs money. Both parents and even children work together to survive.
      Thanks for being here Gerda! I guess I am in the mood for blogging, hehe. The thing is sometimes I feel difficult to start my sentence with.

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