Earth Hour: Kills-my-ignorance Greeting to the Weak Globe

The world is getting old, yet I can not come up with the exact number of how old it is ( grin). I don’t want to blog something genius, I don’t want to blog something too technical. I blog leisurely, so  IMHO, here are the “facts” with some rhetorical questions, ( or maybe not really rhetorical?):

1. The world is too old to tolerate irresponsible attitude of people who say they are human beings.

2. Some governments do not seem to care enough to fix those attitude toward the old globe.

3. Ignorance in this case IS NOT a bliss, yet many are still too individualistic.

4.Technology rules. Eliminating it would be “the end of the world”. Is it literally or how?

5.The world is too weak to keep all the heat for itself. It’s sweating, it’s crying.It does not know what to do because it only depends on us ( I guess).

6.What if ? what if ? what if?. The bottom line is that people want more of the benefits to what they do. It’s like having a shopping coupon that you can use it directly and for yourself only. Why bother when the discounts / coupons are issued only when you refer a product to three people ?

7. No coordination. If only all TV channels and radio and all printed and electronic media helped the old globe by broadcasting the most important hour ( some people say) no movies, no any news, no ads, no nothing but that hour, maybe the whole world may change a course of action. Too exaggerating ? I think so, and sounds impossible.

Earth hour is coming soon. It will be started here 20:30 – 21:30. It is indeed only a short hour given to the old globe. The question is ” Do we care enough for the Earth” I am not here to judge, even I too  am questioning this to myself. Anyway, I guess if seen from above,  it would look somehow amazing when at the same time in the same time zone no electricity were on just for one little hour, not 24 hours.

Kills-my-ignorance Greetings,


PS: Somehow I still doubt this Earth Hour can benefit more to us and the Earth, most especially when it’s done only once a year. But I can understand how many billions or perhaps zillions amount of money one or companies may suffer if it’s done during working hours and most especially more than a year. I don’t know, perhaps I am still ignorant or in-between.

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4 responses to “Earth Hour: Kills-my-ignorance Greeting to the Weak Globe

  1. Interesting thoughts and opinions dear Lulu. Today I participated here with this Earth Hour initiative. It’s like a moment of reflection about our use of energy resources by ourselves and others. It’s a good tool for us to remember but once a year is not enough. At these moments I realize how our modern society is filled with electronic devices. Without energy our ‘modern’ life won’t survive. 1 whole day without electricity would be an interesting project! A real challenge for mankind.

    • Thank you Juergen! My family runs an internet cafe, and “sadly” Saturday night is often the busy hours, and hmm business is business. I think somehow this kind of “saving energy” thing is a good thing. It does not have to be once a year, but it should be done every day. I mean here people still turn on the lights when it is not necessary with some illogical reasons sometimes. I agree with you that we need energy to survive in the modern life. But now I have been thinking perhaps it’s only a matter of habit? I really can’t imagine if this Earth hour was done 1 whole day with the exception of hospitals, and airports! See? there is still the exception. Thanks Juergen for opening the discussion! like it!!

  2. The worst thing is the technology and money is there to turn thing to renewable.
    But for it to happen, the oil industry would have to collapse.
    Sad but i wonder if such a thing would ever become a reality

    • hmm technology and money are the modern “ghosts”!
      I can’t imagine if oil industry collapsed.

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