Nature and I

For some unclear reason, I do like to hear the thunder. I love the sound of the  wind rustle. Perhaps all those things bring  me back to my childhood in a city where the rainfall is much greater than any other places in Indonesia. Or perhaps all those sound like a natural music to my ear. The kind of music that beats any kinds of music I like.

For some unclear reason, I do like it when the wind chimes make their sound. I feel like being accompanied by nature. Nature isn’t really still as you think it is. It does speak its own language.

I love to hear some frogs croak singing some kind of songs I fail to understand. It’s lovely to hear they seem to have a choir even though they may be at far distance from each other.

It’s more than just interesting to hear the drop of water at the back of my home, back garden that is.

And all of a sudden, some sequences of my childhood moments came to live! They were awesome!

And I miss BOGOR, the city of greater rainfall!
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6 responses to “Nature and I

  1. Dear Lulu, wonderful memories you describe, keep them alive in your mind beause they are like treasures. I share your love about listening to the thunder and rains.

  2. Lulu, we are so alike. I love the sound of thunder and rain… they bring back my sweet childhood memories. And it’s the reason Ifind myself miss home and my family in thailand so much in rainy season 🙂

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