In the Grip of Creativity

Egg Carton Creativity – 2 of 2 photos

I believe creativity does not lie within yourself just like that. Then when you need it, it will say ;”voila, here I come, my dear!”. Being creative is a challenge that one needs to take in order to stay young and lively. Some people say when one is getting old, creativity dies down. It might be true, I am still young, and for sure I have seen and even met old people who have been so creative that what they do inspire youngsters. For the moment, I dare say creativity has nothing to do with ages. The world has lots of objects that one can use if one is creative enough.

It’s indeed hard to be “unique” in a sense you have your own style in your creativity, not just some kind of copy-catting. The kind of creativity that amazes people and make them say “Wow, this is different. It’s very interesting indeed.” I sometimes “cheat” my own brain by using the service of Plinky, which gives me the access of inspirations through their some thought-provoking questions; not necessarily clever kinds of questions or philosophical kinds of questions. Believe me, I do accept silly questions. I don’t think “cheating” in this case is stupid. Even though sometimes I feel stupid for not being able to come up with interesting topics for me to write and share to public.It goes without saying that I want to be creative. I salute people who are able to transform their great ideas ( which may be only simple ones. The things that other people have never thought of before.) into art.

I believe human being is blessed by talents. But I guess talents will not show their true colors if the owners do not really care of “showing them off”. It’s like you have a knife, and if you never use it, it will go blunt, and takes sometimes to sharpen it. A lot of people think that creativity is closely related to talents, is that so? I am not sure. I think creativity is something you need to work for. It takes continuous practice to get what you call as being creative. I don’t think it matters that much to copy-cat great ideas at first. The most important thing is to spice them with your own ideas, and change them into something unique- your own style. I was only trying to say that if you are not talented in painting, it does not necessarily mean you can’t paint. I know how it feels to get easily discouraged when you seem to be stuck; no ideas of objects you should paint or the results of your paintings are often disappointing. Then with a long sigh of self-refusal ” I guess I am not talented. I can’t do it!” But, I dare say creativity has nothing to do with talents. Maybe only a little!

IMHO, creativity does depend on :

1.Your determination

I have ever heard a saying “Determination conquers all.” When your determination is big, it will lead your brain to think harder (not necessarily harder that you expect), and that will help you be creative.

2. Continuous practice

I let you peek my life a bit. I was used to drawing/ painting when I was a little. I seemed to be able to make people enjoy my drawings / paintings. I joined drawing competitions several times, and won sometimes. I have neglected that passion lately, and it was indeed difficult to start a scratch on a canvas, because my brain did not get in sync with my fingers.

So, why bother! if you are not talented in singing? take a choir course, for example. Later, if you think you are good enough at singing! be creative, and have your own concert.


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5 responses to “In the Grip of Creativity

  1. Nice egg carton project šŸ™‚ You always creative with the way you think and your words… it’s very enjoyable to read your post šŸ™‚

    • Thanks Tes,
      Plinky chose the image at random, but I agree that the project looks interesting!

  2. Interesting point of view. I believe that creativity is present inside each of us. Daring to try to create something and accepting to fail sometime can stimulate creativity. And it’s amazing to see sometimes the results of unexpected creativity.

    • Daring to try—I so agree with this! one sometimes underestimates his or her talent. You’ll never know till you try!

  3. I think it depends on the person.
    I believe that there is some truth about being right or left handed and how the brain operates our what i like to call ‘creative instinct’.
    Personally, creative inspiration hits me every other minute.
    I have never once struggled for ideas the challenge for me is in the taking of the idea and making it real.
    Believe me, i struggle with some of the simplist of lifes tasks.
    Those with a more technical minded brain are less likely to find original inspiration.
    But that is just my opinion

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