Contemplation(A Note to Self):The Rubber Band on “Silvester” (New Year)

Another new year is coming! People say ” Time flies when you are having fun.” the fact is that I am not always having fun. There are some moments in which I need to contemplate. I am “relaxing” during the contemplation process. I often feel like a rubber band (a short length of rubber and latex formed in the shape of a loop to hold multiple objects together.)

Imagine a natural rubber band (instead of synthetic one)

(Okay, are you imagining yourself a rubber band now? Good… then follow me!)

Let’s stretch out at a certain length!sometimes we are forced to stretch out too long! ( a natural rubber band is often used to hold objects due to its superior elasticity, thus it can hold more objects than the synthetic one.)  Do you feel the tense? If you really do it wholeheartedly, then you will even feel the heat.

I know how it feels to feel that kind of heat again, and again; it’s tiring, sometimes annoying.And I’ll end up saying “Please, I have had it enough!” Then ( are you still following me?), I  wanted to cool myself down. I will need to release. The releasing time, which I call as “contemplation” time.

“An interesting effect of rubber bands in thermodynamics is that stretching a rubber band will produce heat (press it against your lips), while stretching it and then releasing it will lead it to absorb heat, causing its surroundings to become cooler.”

During the process of cooling myself down,  I have to contemplate:

1.Taking my pick on which objects I should keep with me, and which ones I should let go ( throw away as far as possible!)

a.What I should do to  the objects I choose to keep with me: Whether I need to renew them or not.

b. Where I should let the useless objects go. ( Put them in a Davy Jones’ locker??)

2. Whether or not I need new objects to hold.

I’ve hold quite many objects  in my life. The good ones, which are indeed a great fortune. The bad ones too. But, I am trying to set my mindset into believing that my so-called misfortunes are actually my own war against the negative side of me. It’s my battle, and just like every battle offers, my battle offers me a victory that leads me to a happiness and a better of me.

For the record, I do often feel guilty afterward over cursing my misfortunes.


What I seed is what I plant

Instead of thinking:  The grass on the other side is always greener, I am trying to set my mindset into believing  that my misfortunes are the reflections of my own mistakes I have done either to myself, or others ( sorry for that fellow!). I am trying to train my mindset that the misfortunes are the outer cover of a box of happiness. Whether or not I manage to survive, it all depends on my attempts to reveal the hidden messages behind the misfortunes.

I am training my brain to be more optimistic. I have ever heard that brain is the most important organ of human being. All messages are processed there, then sent to every part of our organs. I am just a human, not even a superwoman. I do sometimes think “Why does it take so long to be in those paths ( read: goals. FYI: they are not written here for the sake of privacy, my privacy.) while others seem to be rocketing so easily?”. In the process of training my brain to think optimistically, once again I try to find the bright side; I am not in those paths yet, because I somehow still have some unfinished business that I should take care of wisely. Some unfinished business that need me. Then I should be blessed I am still needed.

Being a natural rubber band, I need two phases; when to stretch out, and release.I refuse being in a state of cool, calm, and confident all year around, because I am sure I won’t learn anything. I want to stretch out while grabbing wisely and carefully new things in my life. I want to stretch out to learn more about me and others.

Only that, the year ahead; I will not stretch out too long to be back in a release phase. Once in a while this happens on previous days.  Once in while I was in the days when I felt so much euphoria inside. My reactions to my Euphoria have been too much sometimes,and  this Euphoria is somekind of an alert:  I am trying to set my mindset into believing that Euphoria over my fortunes can lead to a chapter of accident. So be wise with Euphoria!

Only that, the year ahead: the box of happiness will be in one of the things I grab during my stretching out as a rubber band.

One thing that should remain the same all year around:Feeling blessed with my countless blessings instead of cursing and complaining what I do not get.It is hard to do, yet it’s an awesome feeling when you manage to be.



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