Enjoying the Snow of December

It’s snowing!!!!!

Yes it is even snowing on Lingua Franca.At least until January the 4th, 2010

December is here…

Anyways, SALJU, der SCHNEE, SNOW!!

I might be one of those rare people who like snow, and in general cold weather. I am used to living in a tropical country where I often feel the blistering heat of the sun.It’s so hot that you feel like diving in a cool water, not just twice, but third times.

And, I DO LIKE cold or cool weather. I am a “cold blooded” person ( a grimace on my face).

With Love,

The picture above was taken candidly by a  truly beloved person of mine.

It was probably around -12 C, I did not remember. But I only wore three pieces of layers. Some friends of mine said I was crazy because three layers were absolutely thin for such kind of weather. I honestly did not think so. I would not say it was COOL, it was COLD indeed, but I wasn’t THAT f.r.e.e.z.i.n.g!  The more I walked fast, and quite often the warmer I would feel.I took a break while looking at the fantastic view of WHITE  SNOW! by the way, why should we clarify WHITE for SNOW? SNOW has been WHITE since it fell to the Earth for the first time ever, right?. I guess the adjective thing is used to emphasize how lovely SNOW is, just my two cents. Anyway back to the journey of taking a stroll around Oldenburg, the cyclist city ( in my opinion), I even let my hands bare naked without being covered by gloves once in a while, oh yeah for the sake of camera shots!.

Danke für  mein BT! Thanks for his taking my photo candidly, unless he  had done that, I wouldn’t have had a picture with me contemplating life while noticing the open white land before me. You know, I am pretty narcissistic myself actually. For the sake of privacy! no portraits of me and anyone related to my life are allowed to have the access to public viewing! How cool is that!

I love to play snow like a little girl,

I love to dance in the snow like a snow-girl,

Then, coming home with cups of tea, and cookies prepared by a great family.  Then, coming home with a warm blanket of a warm house.

Then, counting the blessings with laughter, and happiness in my heart.


Smells of winter…

Nocturnal songs during the cold December.

Offering me the warmth of a smooth blanket,

Wonderful feeling indeed.


Created with romantic snowy roads in my mind!

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7 responses to “Enjoying the Snow of December

  1. Wonderful post and picture. I’ve been anxiously awaiting some snow here in Southern New England and am a bit envious of you. 🙂 Enjoy your travels and snowy journeys. And, seriously, I’m getting cold just thinking of so few layers being worn!

    • Hi Kimberly! welcome to my snowy Lingua!
      I am glad we are on the same boat:-). I love snow, the picture was actually taken last year.
      That must be awesome to wait for the snow to fall there! enjoy it Kimberly! and perhaps you let me read your update?

  2. Nice poem and great pictures too. Without knowing the real location I thought you are in Holland now, but you are near in Germany. It looks so similar to the Dutch landscape. I love seeing the snow, but not to be in it though 😉
    Have a good time in Germany!

    • Thank you Juergen! I am in Indonesia right now, the picture was taken last year,whoa yes, last December. and now another December is here.
      I did have a good time surrounded by dear people of mine

  3. Glad you like the snow Lulu! I didn’t know you were in Germany? Or was this on your last trip there?

    Yes, a photo of my arm snuck onto my website, but that’s it! I like my privacy! 🙂

    • Yep, I do like snow. It was taken last year, I am “struggling” with the tropical heat now, hehe.
      and a photo of your arm is good enough:-)
      Glad that we are on the same boat labeled as “privacy”

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