Whom Should be Your Enemy? The Story of Endangered Giants

Pekanbaru (ANTARA) – Lima ekor gajah Sumatera (Elephas maximus sumatranus) ditemukan mati akibat diracun dalam areal kerja perusahaan pemegang izin hutan tanaman industri (HTI) PT Citra Sumber Sejahtera daerah itu.

Translated : Five Sumatran elephants were found dead due to toxic substance in their body. They were found dead in the working area of HTI. Read more

Updated 2016: The article linked 5 years ago, did not exist anymore!

This shocked me a whole lot!

If I were the elephant :

This human being is absolutely cruel. How can they take our land?

Then a young elephant says : “Yes.Mommy. I am afraid. I am afraid of losing the land in which I can play around.”

The Mommy Elephant :” Dear, my son! perhaps we should show our power. Then we send a message ” Do not take our land.”

The Daddy Elephant : ” I am with your mother. Besides, this is our daily track, we pass by this road every day.

The “big” family, along with their other two friends, “trespassed” the usual tracks. They were quite confident, nothing would happen to them.

The article says that the motive behind the murder is not yet known.It is still being investigated. I only hope that this case is solved, and the killers are rewarded really big elephants; they have to take care of them, and if they can’t; it is a long live imprison they shall get.

Then those five elephants came “trespassing” – as those humans reported, to the area where people earn money.

If I were the ( stupid) human:

What are those “giants” doing here?This is “forbidden” area for them.

( How can those elephants read rules written by human?)

We have had this enough,and we shall get rid of them.

Then those two poor elephants died. But I hope they died for something.

Have you ever heard a song ” Ebony, and Ivory – live together in a perfect harmony. Side by side on my piano, oh Lord.Why don’t we?”

Now, what if THAT Ivory is indeed Ivory literally, and Ebony is we ( all human,sometimes stupid being.), can we live in a perfect harmony? befriend nature, and nature will make peace with us?

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