The Taste of Morning Indonesia : Pecel Pincuk, Rice on Banana Leaves

Being someone originally coming from Madiun, has made me grown to like the typical foods of Madiun. I am Madiunese at heart.

Madiun is a city in the western part of the province of East Java, Indonesia. It has relatively cool air in the morning. Unlike big cities, the Javanese tradition is still noticeable here.

When you come to a city/a town/ a region, and all that jazz; you either will be excited to see the new places ( not necessarily new places though), learn the new cultures, or try the local food.

It’s quite interesting to experience the journey of culinary delights. One sometimes can have the general idea of how the city is by the food the city offers. A certain food is identical to a city or a country, take example of these:

A Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (Black Forest cake)- Black Forest

Tom Yum – Thailand

Cap Jay ( sorry for the misspell) – China

The tradition of serving food on banana leaves is common throughout Southeast Asia.
In Indonesia, serving food on banana leaves are still commonly seen every where, even in some classy restaurants that have traditional touch.In Madiun, these kind of food seem to be the trademark of the city; Pecel Pincuk.

I think it is wise to tell what Pecel is. I know you can google, but I hope your google searching has made you land here ( optimistically saying!).

When you order Pecel, you can find kinds of veggies inside;

1 bean sprouts



4. celery

5. basil leaves

6. beans

Then all of these are mixed together with spicy peanut sauce. Of course, you eat it with rice, unless you want to experience and want to eat this with bread; then it might become a new taste, you tell me!

FYI: it is not necessarily spicy peanut sauce. In case you are not a spicy-food lover, then do not worry! it goes well with not-so-spicy peanut sauce. But to be frankly, it will not taste as great as if you have it spicy.

Please do no think it is only a pool of veggies! You can have fried eggs, meat, tempe, tahu, fried eggs or any other condiments you like. But do not mixed it with soup! Oh yes, you can also enjoy Pecel with this. Awesome!!

In all parts of Madiun, pecel’s sellers do not seem to have the willingness to change these banana leaves to something else, for example;wrapping paper. I  have never questioned them why, but I think not only is cheaper to have banana leaves for  the food serving plates, but also it is more traditional, and thus nicer.

What about “Pincuk”? what is it? It’s the Javanese term of the way you make the banana leaves into your plates. It nearly has the shape of cone.

It still feels traditional, when you are in this situation, then you are HERE now on this page: Pecel Pincuk.

Getting early in the morning when the air is indeed still fresh, heading to your porch or at the back of your house to drink water from the pottery, then having early breakfast of this Pecel. But it’s pecel Pincuk.

I do not mean to verbose, but it feels awesome when I eat this Pecel on this banana leaves “plate”.

So, the next time you visit Madiun, here’s what you have to try:

Go to a restaurant, then order “Bu, pesan pecel pincuk-nya 1” literally means “Bu, I would like to have 1 pecel pincuk.” later, if you like it then you may have another second-helping.


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