Multiply Repost: Indonesia, and the Society

This title has been lingering on in my mind for sometime. I don’t seem to have enough time to jolt my words here and there. I have my two blogs empty without anything new there. Anyhow, I have to discard this “old” topic into a piece of nonsensical writing, so excuse me for that.

You will know the meaning of the quotation marks in the word “Amazing” ( FYI: Quotation marks can have two meanings :
1. To emphasize things ( literal meanings)
2. To give the opposite meaning
Which one of these I mean? you tell me!

Amazing based on Oxford is something surprising greatly.
Some of you might know that Indonesians love the existence of malls, shopping centers, restaurants, cafes and all that jazz. I am being an Indonesian, of course, I like malls. I can’t hate them! how can I? if there are just too many malls here, and only few parks to hang out? where else can I go to hang out? maybe that’s a bad thing to have too many malls, but that’s not the major “issue” here.

Why do malls seem to be like whirling pools? they absorb people like crazy. What are there at malls that make most people here fall in love with?
Malls according to Oxford : a large enclosed shopping area from which traffic is excluded while shopping area means areas with many shops that sell goods.
1. Cafes
They are there at malls. They often have very eye-catching decorations, cozy atmosphere, and what more interesting is they facilitate WiFi. That’s very tempting, huh?

2. Restaurants
Does it sound like Indonesians like eating? yep they do apart from taking photos here and there, and posting them here and there as well.

3. F
ood Courts
People here just love to chat ( Read: talk) for hours with friends, dear one(s), family regardless time.Food courts seem to be the “best” places for those who want to spend their times chatting at malls without feeling worry being rushed by anyone.

4. Shops ( of course, I am talking about malls, right?). I just can’t name one by one what kind of shops you can find at malls. They are so many that they leave me some headache sometimes.
In short, malls here are usually one-stop-by malls. Thus, you can now use them as meeting points as well. I know I know, meeting points at malls! that’s Indonesia.

In general, malls operate from 10 AM up to 10 PM or 9 PM. Sometime ago, after my morning classes ended, while waiting for my next classes, I killed time by hanging out at one of the malls here.My watch showed 10 AM already. It was not something surprising for me to know the fact that at that time, I found quite so many people already at the mall. The escalators which weren’t on yet didn’t seem to be a problem for them. Indonesians tend to walk very slow sometimes, especially at malls (maybe they love the cold from the air conditioner? 😀 )
The fact is that it is not necessarily for us to grab something at malls. Going to malls doesn’t always mean to buy something. They mostly like to kill time there before doing other activities outside. But what makes me realize that this isn’t entirely true is that : they are willing to be there at 9 AM to wait for the doors to open at 10 AM. Then they window-shop sluggishly. They are real window-shoppers!. So getting up early JUST to be there at malls early is truly “amazing”:-). Just my opinion as an Indonesian myself. If you ask me do I belong to that category? well, I like window-shopping, especially if I am on a budget. But getting up earl y JUST to be there at malls early? Hmm maybe not. Anyhow, this isn’t about me personally, but this is what I think Indonesians in general. You may disagree or agree. Now last but not least, in which category do the words in quotations mean? You tell me!

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6 responses to “Multiply Repost: Indonesia, and the Society

  1. The Mall….
    It is the 21st Century “Market Place”… you can shop in any weather… in climate control. A gathering place for the social structure… as you said…
    Food court, specialty shops… and each mall has its own ambiance or culture.
    Some are like cities… with hotels, all the creature comforts of home and travel. Entertainment…

    The one thing I miss from the open air… market that a mall does not have…
    Smell… of people, animals, food, and the sights and sounds…..

    But I will miss the Starbucks in an open air market….

    Pretty shallow I know… but it is the 21st century….

    Thanks for sharing “The Mall” from an Indonesian point of view…

    • hehe, Starbucks in an open air market- sounds okay to me, I just hope the prices will be cheaper too:D

  2. I think public spaces are important. And unfortunately malls are a poor substitute for nice streets and parks. Altho I suppose in Indonesia the govt is so incompetant that malls are the next best thing.

    • Yes, I just wish there would be more nice streets and parks. Even if there are nice parks,I guess stores, and food courts are still around. hehe

  3. I love malls too. Why? Well I think because there you have everything together in one place and easy parking your car. Here in The Netherlands there aren’t any malls at all and it’s very difficult to easy access the shops in the streets. Although the original shopping streets are entertaining, the malls are much more efficient and entertaining too!

    I wish you a great weekend dear LuLu, have fun.


    • I guess the Netherlands is similar to Deutschland in which malls are rare. Sometimes malls can be entertaining, but at some point hanging out there can be a bit useless.
      Have a great day Juergen!

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