Nationalism is “Under Construction”(?)

Sampoerna’s House Legacy Museum, and Tugu Pahlawan Surabaya- April 23rd, 2009

Happy Heroes’ Day for all Indonesians – November 10th, 2010

Go to wiki to know more about Heroes’ Day -Surabaya Battles.

Traveling has been one of my great passions ever! trying different kinds of food, drinks, learning new cultures, like the Do’s and the Don’ts. I am not really that kind of active person who prefers spending time outdoor, but I love to visit new places. There are places which I sometimes visit more than twice for some reasons; friends come, and I want to show them around- being a friend and a tour guide at the same time. If I do like the places, then I will visit them more than twice, making them as one of my hang-out spots. Speaking of visiting new places, only recently, a friend from San Antonio, Texas,the USA came to visit. As you might notice, I have another website on multiply- I have had some good friends there. Many of them live outside of Indonesia- like in the Netherlands, the USA, Germany, Turkey, Sweden, and other countries. I have met a friend from Sweden whom I also met on the site- it was good. I have met a friend from Australia, Austria, and the USA- we are good friends. Then April 22nd, I met Jim Todd, a Texan fellow. How cool is that! I really do believe that this world is really small. How easily we connect each other, how amazing it is to build great friendship and relationship with people from other countries. I always believe in this saying :

Those who travel much, learn more.

Meeting people from different countries is a great opportunity to learn about people, to be more respectful about differences – whatever they are. Jim Todd at Starbucks , Tunjungan Plaza- Surabaya – Waiting for my friends. April 22nd, at 7 PM Eastern time of Indonesia. When Jim visited me and my friends here, we visited some places in my hometown. The funny thing is that we visited  some places, which I had never visited before. This is my hometown, I should have visited them long before I met him or my other friends. Two of the places I just visited were all museums! – Sampoerna House Legacy, and Tugu Pahlawan. Two of them are museums!!why! does that mean I am not interested in visiting museums? does this mean that Indonesian people are not interested in museums? This is a kind of my own reflection: I really should question myself whether I am actually interested in museums? or is it because I just wanted to show my friends around?

In Sampoerna House Legacy, you can see how cigarettes are rolled manually. Each worker is able to hand-roll 355 sticks an hour. You should see how fast they roll them! amazing! but taking their photos is not allowed. They don’t seem to think of anything else, but rolling and rolling. All of them are female workers I think. The first floor of Sampoerna’s House Legacy displays Sampoerna’s family photos and traditional clothes and some of his belongings when he was still alive in 1890’s. There is also a cafe which serves Eastern and Western food- the taste was okay, and the price is a bit expensive. But the atmosphere inside the cafe is very homey – O.K I guess that’s included in the price too?. I realized I just bought the atmosphere as well.

This is indeed a must-see museum when you are in Surabaya- East Java- Indonesia. What is it? It’s Tugu Pahlawan museum. “Tugu” means like a memorial monument while “Pahlawan” means “Hero” ( read: those who died in the heroic battle against the enemy- 1940’s.)

Note :

Hero can refer as to anyone on the planet- even your parents might be your heroes, even a little boy can be a hero- saving a kitten from drowning, doesn’t it make him a hero? Yes.

The picture above is the front part of Tugu Pahlawan, Surabaya – April 24th, 2009.  Tugu Pahlawan is the trademark of Surabaya. Surabaya in old time, when we were still under the rule of the Netherlands – Dutch East Indies ,- that was what it was called in 1890’s , often became the base of young people to plan heroic battles to achieve independence. You can see the inscription by the people in that time on the pillars- they are still well maintained to keep the authenticity. The inscription says ” Free or die” , Freedom” or “Merdeka” ( Bahasa means “freedom”). Young generations really should go here- to appreciate what their old generations did to their country, to appreciate history as it is indeed important.

When you enter the monument, you will be able to see a big stone with an inscription by our first president; The stone with Ir. Soekarno’s words of wisdom:

A great nation never asks for flattery. Roses never tell people their fragrance, yet people are able to smell it. Big nations are those who appreciate their heroes. Ir. Soekarno – The first president of Indonesia.

In the monument area, there is a museum that displays photos of Surabaya in old time, and some of the miniatures of Indonesian battle in achieving independence, and some weapons used in the war time. Overall, I love this monument- how they are built to appreciate our heroes and history. Only that does it seem that many people are not interested in visiting this museum. Sad fact! or perhaps this is a kind of a challenge for those local architects to build more welcoming museums? Let’s just hope, there will be more and more attractive museums of the like.


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