Hellen Keller, and Bahasa

Re-post of two years ago on my already-abandoned blog on bravenet.com!

Mungkin tidak seperti journal-journal yang lainnya ya. Disini saya tidak begitu ingin membahas tentang kehidupan pribadi saya ( mungkin sedikit saja) atau mungkin juga belum terlalu banyak yang bisa saya ceritakan disini, ya tunggu aja ya!. Hari ini saya teringat sebuah film yang diangkat dari sebuah kisah nyata seorang gadis bernama Hellen Keller. Saya menonton film itu beberapa tahun yang lalu, dan saya langsung “jatuh cinta” dengan film itu. Beberapa hari kemudian saya baru tersadar bahwa film yang saya tonton beberapa hari yang lalu mengisahkan tokoh terkenal Hellen Keller, seorang gadis tuli, buta dan bisu. Saya mungkin tidak akan kuat menghadapinya. Masa kecil Hellen Keller begitu sulit; dia harus berusaha untuk hidup dan menerima diri apa adanya. Bisa dimengerti jika dia menjadi begitu mudah marah dan menangis. Saya masih ingat betul filmnya- si kecil Hellen Keller yang malang. Saya ingat betul di film itu bagaimana dia ingin belajar berkomunikasi. Gurunya adalah guru yang sabar dan tegas padanya. Pernah suatu kali sang guru marah karena Hellen Keller selalu berontak dan tidak mau melakukan apapun juga. Sang guru tidak mau berbicara padanya sama sekali dan tampaknya cara itu berhasil membuat Hellen Keller berubah; Dia ingin belajar. Sepertinya Hellen berkata ” Ajari saya berkomunikasi karena saya ingin menyampaikan perasaan saya padamu.”  Kata yang pertama dia pelajari adalah “Air”. Sang Guru menuliskan kata itu ditelapak tangannya dan dia mulai mengingatnya. (bersambung)

This might not be like the other journals that tell you all about the owners’ lives. I do not really want to discuss about my personal life yet ( hm, maybe only a little bit) .Today I remembered about a movie based on a true story of a girl named Hellen Keller. I watched the movie a long time ago ( I do not really remember what year- hmm I have such a bad memory sometimes, hehe) and I “felt in love” instantly with the movie. A few days later, I just realized that the movie I watched the other day was a true story of a famous figure Hellen Keller, the young deaf, mute and blind girl. If I were her, I would not be able to overcome it at all. Her childhood was so tough that she sometimes became really rude to people around her even her own parents. She had to struggle with herself ; she had to accept the way she was and that was not easy. It is understandable why she became sensitive most of the time. I still remember the movie clearly- a poor little Hellen Keller. I remember clearly how she really wanted to communicate at her early age. Her private teacher was a very patient teacher, but a strict one too when she was needed to be. Once, the teacher got mad as Hellen Keller always wanted to be alone and did not want to learn anything at all. The teacher became so mad that she did not want to have a talk with her. What the teacher had done to Hellen by ignoring her seemed to be working; Hellen Keller changed her behaviour and she showed her strong will to learn.

“Teach me how to communicate because I want to show my feelings to you”

That was the impression I could get when I saw the scene where Hellen Keller “cried” as her teacher was about to leave her. One time, the teacher seemed to be saying :

” Enough, I have had it enough. I just don’t know how to help you if you don’t want to help yourself. I have failed.”

The first word she learned was “Water”. The teacher tried to write it down on her palm so that she could feel it and remember it. It was not easy for Hellen to learn this. Then the teacher asked Hellen Keller to come along with her to a fountain near Hellen’s home. Anna Sullivan, the teacher, asked Hellen to dip her hands in the pool, and feel the water. Again, She wrote “water” on Hellen’s palm. This kind of learning system went on until she became a successful person on her own.

I admire them both a whole lot!

Anna Sullivan as the teacher, for having been a patient teacher, for having had such a brilliant learning system, for having been discipline even to a girl who had a special need.

Hellen Keller. I just can’t imagine living in the dark, and not being able to hear, and talk. But, she managed to survive, and be a successful person.

I am way luckier. And I shall not complain too much about life. I know we can not always get what we want in life, and I think I am blessed to have all those complete senses.



  • Mungkin                            might
  • Membicarakan                  to discuss
  • Kehidupan pribadi            personal life
  • Kisah nyata                       true story
  • Langsung                           instantly
  • Sadar (tersadar)              realize
  • Tuli                                    deaf
  • Bisu                                   mute
  • Buta                                   blind
  • Bisa dimengerti                understandable
  • Sabar                                patient
  • Tegas                                strict
  • Perasaan                          feeling
  • Telapak tangan                palm

Oh, My! this is late already, so I have to stop. I need to get my sleep, hehe.

See you and hope you enjoy reading itoh have fun learning Bahasa as well!

Teacher, and Student

Teacher, and Student

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8 responses to “Hellen Keller, and Bahasa

  1. ugh, I don’t remember! it has been so long time ago, and I have never seen any repeat here, too bad!
    But I shall browse IMDB.com after you told me the title, and get back here again to update.
    I so love the movie. and It made me cry too
    hehe pretty hard thing to do? hehe, well then I am glad at least I know I don’t cry alone, hehe

  2. Wow this sounds like an interesting story and I really love to see this movie. I love the way you write about it …
    Good night 🙂

    • Thanks Tes! you should watch it, it is highly recommended!
      Tell me what you think of it!

    • Oh yah? nice! what were you discussing about them in particular?
      Thanks for reading my post!
      They were truly inspiring

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