Go Mobile, and Click Publish

Nearly two years ago, I posted on my other blog platform on Multiply, which is accessible only for contacts, about going mobile for checking this and that on the internet. Then I stopped doing it because of some reasons. The reasons were my mobile screen was way too small to read such long posts or I was not patient enough to push the keypads on the cellphone to write posts, and publish my content. Besides, I never like to post short content. Not that I say I “never” post the kind of content, but I just don’t like it.

Dan sebagai salah satu wujud dari strategi mobile-nya, WordPress hari ini secara resmi meluncurkan aplikasi WordPress untuk perangkat mobile Nokia yang bisa langsung diunduh dari Nokia Ovi Apps. Di aplikasi ini, pengguna WordPress bisa menulis entri blog langsung dari perangkat mobile dan juga melakukan pemeliharaan seperti mengatur komentar dan juga mengunggah gambar dan video. More

The main idea of the article is that WordPress is going mobile. WordPress users can blog via Nokia Apps. Speaking of blogging, of course it also has something to do with uploading pictures or videos to support your piece of writing. And you can do all mobile. 

This is kinda tempting news, seriously!

I imagine reporting “LIVE” about some events I attend to, or places I (we, optimistically saying) will visit.  I really don’t need a piece of note to note down all the things I see, and feel when I get in touch to the new experiences. I really don’t have to spare a special time to jot down words for reportage. How cool is that!The down-side of “postponing” writing is that I will lose the mood for a piece of writing. I begin to lose the first sensation I feel when I, say, visit new places. And that will affect to the way I write; the boring language, perhaps.

IF this mobile-writing  really accessible to my future cellphone later, then I will be somehow excited, and want to give it a shot! I imagine reporting things “LIVE”.  And I might not miss a thing to include in the writing. I don’t know whether there will be some down-sides of this kind of tempting facility. But, I guess I need to be careful when to blog and when to not blog, you know. It’s like protecting your privacy!

I salute to those who can be so “honest” about themselves on the blogging platform; telling their daily lives in great details, and supported by portraits or pictures. I am not one of those, at least I don’t think I can do that, not that often.

Another down-side I can think of is that the time I will have for blogging. My passion for writing is big. Well, not that big enough (yet)!I don’t want to spend the whole of my time for LIVE reportage- That is absolutely N.O.T  N.I.C.E at all. Perhaps I really should feel blessed with my tendency to blog long content ( I hope they are not senseless kind of content). I need my life for the ones I love, and for OFFLINE live. This is quite insane ; that there are two kinds of lives: OFFLINE live, and ONLINE live. Ah well, isn’t that the world crazy??

In the meantime until I get my new cell-phone, I will sit in front of the computer, and write. Later, if the new cell-phone comes, I’ll give it a try- and will tell you how it goes. BUT for sure, I will think of those I love, and other passions I have for. Then publishing mobile is just a tool to be more creative! but it should not be the tool to keep me away from those I love, and other passions I have for. I have decided to pick a phrase today :

“Go for what you are into, but just don’t let them control you.”

Now it’s time to go back to work!


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