Setting on Fire, Naturally

They are crawling

Ignoring the giant creature watching them closely

They are amazing

Having the most traumatic bites

At least, I sensed them

And once is more than enough!


Having a clean kitchen is one of the things I keep on maintaining at home. The thing is I like clean home, kitchen, room, and all that jazz. Cleaning the house seems to be like full-time job to me. It is not enough to clean it once a week, ugh! instead I’ve got to clean the whole room nearly every day.

Only recently did I find groups of little animals that make me cringe just by imagining them. They seem to like staying in my kitchen. I don’t understand why?

A typical fire ant colony produces large mounds in open areas, and feeds mostly on young plants, seeds, and sometimes crickets. Hell! no, there aren’t any such things in my kitchen.  What would attract them? the smell of the dishes? or what?

I just don’t like the feeling of their hot bites, which are like being poked by a needle. And the sensation later, feels like you are burned by fire, you are just set on fire; it causes “trauma”, hehe, seriously.

I am not well-informed enough about their contribution to human life, somehow I think they do have some. But I am not in the mood of googling, and wikipedia-ing to check about you in great details. What I have in mind now is that to keep my kitchen away from them. Sorry to say, I dislike them!

After all, who doesn’t want to have a clean kitchen?

Photo: Google

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5 responses to “Setting on Fire, Naturally

    • Hi Jim!! what a surprise you are here!
      The story might be wonderful, hehe, but it makes me cringe every time I see those red fighters!

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