Sanctuary Monkey Forest, Bali, Indonesia: When Human Beings are in Touch with Nature

This “little” yet old monkey represents the whole community of Monkey Forest Sanctuary, Ubud- Bali, Indonesia ( Tanah airku  tercinta). He is pretty mischievous.

Between 3,000 and 4,000 long-tailed macaques are exported from Indonesia every year. According to data obtained from CITES, 6,078 long-tailed macaques were exported in 2005 and 2006 alone.More..

The monkeys there are long-tailed ones commonly called – Macaques.

Distinguished physical features:

Males tend to be longer than females.

Males Balinese Macaques can weight around 10 kilograms.

Males have broader shoulders.

Males have larger canine teeth.

Females have facial hair that resemble “beard”

Infant macaques, that is around 6-12 months old, have black hair on their heads.

Juvenile macaques are pretty mischievous, and mother macaques are usually protective to them. So, tourists, travelers? Be warned!

I passed up the experience to feed monkeys there in the Sanctuary, because I have not been well-informed about their behaviors up to the moment I am writing. They would think I was bothering them.

Please, be careful! they might snatch your items; your glasses, for example. I was ever told about making eye-contact with them. Do not dare make any eye-contact with them, unless you dare enough to have them run onto your shoulders, and touch your hair, and follow you wherever you go.

Flora, and Fauna are real beauty the world can offer us- human beings.  They are the music of the earth? But honestly, having taken a stroll along these kinds of forests, and met Macaques were real experiences.

We tend to see them the way we think is right, but perhaps we shall be wiser, and learn more about them for we are just humans who sometimes ignore their needs. Thus, go here for your safety and knowledge!

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3 responses to “Sanctuary Monkey Forest, Bali, Indonesia: When Human Beings are in Touch with Nature

    • Hello, thanks!
      Yes, I am trying. I do not go to Bali that often, but when I go there, I usually write something about it.

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