Pouring Rain in October

Wuhuu! after being absent for so long( a month- is that long???)… I finally decided to post something here.

This is what I like from wordpress! I can come back here and write whenever I can. I am free from obligations to post and give comments. I know I have a few wordpress “Friends”, but I am pretty sure they won’t mind I am being absent for sometime.

Tik.. tik…tik bunyi hujan diatas genting!

A children song telling you about “Rain”.  But it’s not about the song I am writing about, well not directly, but about the rain itself. It is drizzling while I am blogging. Accompanied by Morgentau green tea from my beloved, my mind is wandering to past time when I was still a little.


It was raining outside while she was playing with her fruits-look-alike toys. She pretended being a mom cooking for her family. She pretended eating fruits while serving dinner.

It was raining outside when she started to feel sleepy. She was playing all alone for her siblings had already gone to bed. She was a little night owl!. It was still raining outside when she washed her feet, and was ready to go to bed. As she was lying down the bed, the massive rain turned into drizzling. And she heard the croak of frogs as if they had had a concert- Do re mi fa…..!

She heard the croak frogs so clearly that she was wondering what they were saying. And she did her own little monologue:

Are they singing? perhaps they are trying to get to know each other?. I think they have known each other, but they just want to welcome the rain. They are probably playing in the puddles now. Don’t they want to sleep?I’d better sleep soon before they’re gone, and I am alone again.


Frogs croak celebrating life,

Pouring rain washes away the extreme heat,

Rain- wet-frogs-croak-fresh-heat-madness-sleepiness = So, please cross out the unmatched words!!

Yep- HEAT, MADNESS- go away!

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6 responses to “Pouring Rain in October

  1. Looks like you really like the rain, Lulu!

    And I have been semi-absent for a while too. That is the nice thing about wordpress! Welcome back!

  2. Hi JP!! nice to see you here again. I dropped by to your site yesterday, but haven’t been able to read all yet.
    I do really like it when it rains- it’s still drizzling now. I noticed that you’ve been semi-absent too.
    How’s life there? hope it’s great each day
    Thanks JP

  3. Das Leben ist wunderschön, oder?:-) I am trying not to complain about things so easily, hehe.
    My German is still very limited

  4. Welcome back Lulu, having a short or long break in blogging is part of blogging, we all need that from time to time. Friends always wait your return. nice writing about your memories of the past!

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