Steps to a Magnificent Beauty Part 1 : Sunrise for the Life is about to rise

The Morning Star

Der Schritt zu einer Schönheit

It was early in the morning. People were still curling under their thick b

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lankets, but some didn’t mind hiding under their thin sarongs. The air was of course fresher, in fact I found it a bit cold. Having lived in a tropical country for so many years, I found it even 15 C is indeed cold instead of cool.

It always makes my eyes wander every time I see people wandering around with their advanced cameras. That morning, I saw them wait at the lounge of a hotel we stayed at.  Some pictures of a magnificent Mountain decorated the lounge of the hotel. Even though, those tourists, travelers, backpackers, whatever you want to call them, did not have the look of photographers, but the advanced cameras they brought helped people shape their opinions about them :

Perhaps, they are professional photographers for some great magazines after all, and they are coming here to capture the beauty of Bromo. Later on, they are going to have the pictures printed for a freshly pressed. The mountain is “sold” for international consumption, or I’d say “satisfaction”.

The jeep that would take us to the mountain was waiting strongly outside. I was amazed at how the jeep driver drove. He was a young man of 20 something, and he seemed to have befriended with the steep road leading to the top of Mt. Penanjakan, the second view-point of the magnificent mountain. It was still dark outside, you know 3 A.M! no street lights along the road to the mountain. But it was a full moon. I am not saying that the moonbeam managed to light up the dark steep road, but it added to the beauty we were about to see soon, in a few minutes.

Magnificent Beauty

It was still dark, and of course cold. I was warm for I was with the one I love. Having arrived at the second view-point, I found benches made of wood there. People chose to step on them instead of sitting on them.  The image in front of us was not really visible yet. I heard people talk in the languages I could not understand. Yes, apparently, they were coming from all over the world. I saw some people laugh while trying to set their tripods, some couples hugged each other because of the cold, some kids yawned while their parents held them in their arms. I saw an evening star which turned to be a morning star, Venus, showed off its pretty light on the sky. I always love Venus, the evening and morning star.

The view we were about to see was going to be stunning. The weather seemed to have been so kind to us that we did not see the overcast sky. I was sure I was going to numb, and forget about everyone else for sometime.

None was talking, everyone was standing still facing the east. They were clever enough when to seal their mouths for the unusual sun was about to rise. I fail to describe how I felt witnessing the star at the center of solar system began to rise. It was more than just amazing as I witnessed it on a peak of a mountain. The moment, it woke up showing its little light, people started to capture the moment, they wanted to have your beauty, is that wrong? No, that’s absolutely normal. I just realized it did not take long to wake up completely after the first minutes you showed your light shyly. Yeah, you knew we’d been waiting for you here.

Amazing Sphere

The flash of lights coming from whatever kinds of cameras began to fill the area. See? none cared each other for some minutes, it was only I and the light,which was you, the Sun.

The minute you showed your light, I realized how lucky I was  to be able to witness your journey light up the darkness. I realized how blessed I was to be a part of this pretty life.  But, that was not it! I intended to skip one part somewhere in this writing. The part before the Sun woke. That part added to my amazement of the magnificent morning. In fact, that part was actually the star of the day.

To be continued…

Die Sonne,

Welch eine Schönheit

Die Sonne,

Das Geschenk des Lebens

Sie kommt zu meinem Geburtstag

Die Sonne,

Welch eine Schönheit

eine Poesie der Lulu@ 2010

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7 responses to “Steps to a Magnificent Beauty Part 1 : Sunrise for the Life is about to rise

  1. Lulu, this was a wonderful piece of writing; full of life and energy and grace! I’m glad you had a wonderful time; the Venus, the Sun, the photos, they all look amazing! Thank you for sharing your experience, it was truly inspirational…

  2. The morning sunrise is one of the greatest and most mystical moments in our world and you made a great and wonderful writing. The thing I like most is that you are more alone in the morning than in the evening when the sun disappears, it’s more exclusive and more powerful as mystical moment in which many energies from the cosmos are united. Wonderful photos!

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