When a Coin Wins Over a Sleeping Beauty

Just imagine this; you were  on one side of a coin! I mean really only one side instead of two. Life would be boring, because you were  stuck there on a piece of gold coin, or silver one, or perhaps bronze one, and couldn’t really do anything to change your fate.You wanted to be on the other side of the coin ( which was probably the better side) but you just couldn’t, you were only a coin!

You said : I wanted to know how it feels to be better.

You kept on saying this over and over again. It was so intense that you annoyed the other side of the coin.

The other side of the coin then said : O.K let’s switch! you bored me!

Voila! in the world of magic- you were now on the other side of the coin. You were stuck there for sometime. You began the sense of something weird. It was something you failed to describe, but you kept on getting struck by a little panic, and sometimes lethargy. Something that you had never felt before. Then, you ended up cursing yourself by saying “I wish I hadn’t asked to switch” ( long sighed was heard.)

In the world of magic- the other side of the coin was so kind that it was willing to switch.

The other side of the coin then said : You bored me thousand times!

You said : Yihaaa!

Then I will say ” Welcome to the gate of happiness”

One day, when the biggest tournament of world’s cup took place. The referee tossed a coin. And Voila! it was the other side of the coin that won the better side somehow. You ended up sobbing the whole match. All you had to do was waiting until the next match, and someone tossed you and your friend ( the other side of the coin), who knows you would get your luck!

You see, life can be neither all time good nor bad. There are always two sides that make one’s life complete : the good things and the bad things happen. It’s really humane that people basically want all time a good life. Wouldn’t you get bored when your life were all time good? If no, then why would I often find people actually ruin their own good life by doing something bad?

But let’s face it! life does not treat you all time good. Life changes from happiness to sadness over and over again, because life is a cycle. I don’t want to be a sleeping beauty- you know a girl who only wakes up until the prince comes to kiss her and save her from the devilish dreams.

I don’t want to be the sleeping beauty, because I want to feel the pain of life. Only then can I know how to be strong, cope with hard times, and most importantly be thankful for whatever life cycle I may be in. Of course, it’s always humane to think and hope ” My life is good.”

Told be truth, I don’t want to be the sleeping beauty who doesn’t want to face the bad side of the world. I want to be a coin as a WHOLE- two sides; the good and the bad one. Then I will give value to the coin; leveling up my skills at coping with a hard life, smiling gratefully to the happiness life I have, trying hard to be valuable for either myself, and the surroundings.  That’s life. That is what LIFE should be like. Just my two cents!

The rule is : Be optimistic, and keep on trying in so many good ways, and hoping for the best!


8 responses to “When a Coin Wins Over a Sleeping Beauty

  1. What an inspiring, motivational post Lulu! 🙂
    Being just one side of the coin… No, that is definitely not a good way to live- I love experiencing the good and the bad, the joy and the pain, the light and the dark. They complete each other, give meaning to one another and help me understand myself, my life and the world around me…

    • Thank you Lua!
      Ja, even though it’s not easy sometimes to understand the lessons behind all the pain

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    • I almost thought that I hadn’t been so pointless about the sleeping beauty 🙂
      Thanks JP
      Happy weekend there

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