Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

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She feels the droplet of rain on her way back home from work. The droplet of rain does not fall onto her head, yet it does fall and touch her dry palms soon she puts her hands up. People on the streets are hurrying themselves to find some shelters regardless the comfort of those shelters.

“As long as I stay dry” she hears hundreds of people’s voices. But she has decided to sing in the rain. She remembers an Indonesian traditional myth about a rainbow, she once heard a lot when she was a little.

Once upon a time, in a remote village on Java, there was a handsome young man who was used to going to a river to fish, sometimes to bath as well. It was a bright day with a clear blue sky. This young man walked sluggishly toward the river he often went. He was rather off mood today as he had been dreaming of meeting a young lady to be his wife. He had some criteria, and he did not seem to find any on his remote village. He was day-dreaming while walking, the closer he was to the river, the more curious he was about something. He heard some voices, in fact they were pretty voices joking around, and the splashing water added the prettiness. He took a peek behind the bush, and he nearly screamed as a result of being shocked to witness such rare occasions; five or six pretty young ladies in topless were seen taking a bath in the river. The rest of the clothes which were sashes were lying around on a big stone near the bush where he had been witnessing all this.This young man’s eyes were fixated on one lady only; the red lady. It was red as the bottom batik was red. This lovelorn young man decided on a whim to steal the red sash, which he believed belong to the red lady. The bath time was over for those ladies. Having taken each sash, one by one, in the word full of imagination, and magic, the pretty ladies were gone faster than human could blink his or her eyes. The red lady was panic-stricken when she found out her sash was nowhere to be found. Her other angels friends started to call her up on the rainbow that appeared prettily on a blue sky that day. The rainbow was soon gone, and the red angel was left alone sobbing in the bank of the river. The man decided to hide behind the bush for a minute or two until the red angel started to leave the bank of the river. The red angel was walking effortlessly to nowhere. She did not even realize  she was being followed by the man who had stolen her sash.

When the day soon turned to dark, the red angel nearly fainted for being overly exhausted. All of a sudden, strong hands grabbed her from being falling down. It was the man. Jaka Tarub, that was what he was called. The man lifted the red angel who was soon introduced herself as “Dewi Lestari”. The man brought the angel home, and took care of her. “Dewi Lestari” stayed with Jaka’s mum during the process of recovery.

It was until a few months until Jaka decided to pop up the question, Dewi agreed with no hesitation. Time did fly! just like an angel who could fly faster than human could blink his eyes. They got married in a simple procession, and a few months later, a child was born. One day, Jaka was running some errands while Dewi, and their  few month-old baby were staying home. The cloud was dark, and it was sure the rain would soon fall. Jaka was home just in time before the rain came so massively that the roof of their house started to leak here and there. Dewi decided to find some towels and blankets to protect the baby. She ran to the kitchen, and opened a wide big tube that was covered by a bigger lid that the tube. She nearly screamed for what she saw inside the tube; she grabbed it and ran to her husband;

Dewi : what is this?

it seemed that the Earth stopped to revolve, and he was like being stricken by a thunder, a heavy thunder. Dewi showed her husband a red sash.

Jaka : I could explain,please listen!

Dewi: I do not need any explanation, you have lied after all these years.

Jaka Tarub was begging for Dewi to listen to his explanation to no avail.  Dewi started to wear her sash, and put her baby down on the bed made of bamboo, and was covered by a blanket. Then;

Dewi: Soon after the rain stops, and the rainbow appears; I have to go back to my palace. I let our son be with you. Take care of him, and remember every time you see a rainbow, I am there, but I am there to watch my son, and I am not there for you.

The rain stopped, and Dewi kissed her son lovingly. She was flying up above the sky soon the rainbow came. Jaka was trying to stop her to no avail. Jaka was left alone with his baby.

Every single day, when the rainbow came,  Jaka was waiting for his wife to come to her, but she never appeared to meet him. Every single day when the rainbow appeared, when the son grew, he always told his dad that he just met his mother. Jaka was sorry for what he had all done, and lied for the sake of love.

Now, every time the rainbow appears, based on the myth; angels are coming down the earth to spread the love in the world full of chaos.

The rain had stopped, but the sky was already dark as it turned out to be night already.  All of a sudden, she saw a rainbow with its clear colors appeared on the dark sky. She was looking up the sky, and smiled  because she felt she had been out of the dark tunnel; the tunnel with no point of return. She woke up from the dream, and realized it happened on her deepest level of sleep. But she was as optimistically as she could be that she would soon find the happiness, and only happiness with a lot of love to get and give. Yes, Every Cloud has a Silver Lining; only if you can understand the meaning of hard work, and patience.
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8 responses to “Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

    • Aww thanks Gerda for your encouragement! I am waiting for it too, but I guess I am trying to be on that path.

  1. It was a beautiful story but sad at the end. I feel bad for the man… he should told her…ahhh communication problems in a couple 🙂

    • I know, sad at the end, but it’s a lesson learned I guess.
      hehe ya I guess communication problems in a couple do happen sometimes.

  2. Beautiful story; your characters are very deep and I loved the way you used the weather, it certainly helps create the mood.
    And I liked the ending Lulu! 🙂 I think it was about her waking up from a dream, not necessarily a bad one but she had an awakening and she says she can see the light at the end of the tunnel…
    Oh I love that title; “Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining”
    So ture!

    • Hi Lua! sorry for not dropping by too often; have been busy. It’s an honor to have an insight from a great writer like you, you are used to writing stories , and I am not.
      So my story isn’t really ” The point of no return” in fact it is the point where the darkness changes into light and happiness, I hope I am notbeing poetic, hehe
      Thank you Lua

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