Discarding Lu’s 9 July’s Thoughts

This is so shameful! Only 9?? It’s a degradation to me. But keep the faith that August words will flow more easily! Mind you words-I’ll take my revenge!

1. Sweetbriars in Our Crystal Ball

Inspired by a scrabble game we played some years ago.

2.Bali Indonesia: A Coin with Two Opposites Sides

Bali is like a coin with two opposite sides; the hustle bustle areas and the tranquil ones. In the eyes of a Javanese, those two sides are clearly understood. Bali is brought up to the surface by a Javanese who has limited contacts with the Balinese, yet always feels the same surge of feelings when visiting Bali.

3. The Secret Code at School

When a peer makes some kind of clique, they like to make it solid as to not let anyone interfere their business. The secret codes are created creatively to protect their bound of friendship.They secret codes are created for the sake of intimacy.

4. Hard-work is Finally Sweetly Paid

Either you feel glad of being paid sweetly or feel bitterly shattered for doing a hard-work yet paid less than you expected, the most important thing is the experience out of the “calamity”.

5.Three Colors of Crayon I Must Have

Thank you for the eyesight for colors exit in the world! Thank you for the colors of colors give to my life. Thank you for the three “musketeers” which give me some inspirations.

6.An Award in a Porcelain

7.Tea Connoisseurs Bring Their History and Arts

All true tea lovers not only like their tea strong, but like it a little stronger with each year that passes. ~George Orwell, “A Nice Cup of Tea”

8.The Face of Indonesia, and the Face of the World

“If my knowledge can help people regardless genders, nationalities, beliefs, or whatever that is so-called as “Differences” then it does not matter where I live.”

9.A Love Letter: Complaining and Loving You at the Same Time

A love letter to share for the sake of “BEEP” ……
The brain is a wonderful organ; it starts working the moment you get up in the morning and does not stop until you get into the office.
Robert Frost


For the sake of my own brain

For the sake of my self appreciation to the time I shared for the thoughts I have had in mind

For the sake of my appreciation to the freedom of speech ( even though I do not speak that much)

For the sake of my learning process as a blogger- a writer someday- halah mimpi kalee

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4 responses to “Discarding Lu’s 9 July’s Thoughts

  1. I would say 9 posts in 30 days is impressive since each and every one of your posts require a fair amount of research Lulu- they are always very insightful and thought provoking! 🙂 I enjoyed every one of them!

    “Tea Connoisseurs Bring Their History and Arts” and “A Love Letter: Complaining and Loving You at the Same Time” were among my favorites! 🙂

    • Thank you Lua, like I have written before, it’s just difficult sometimes to start a story.
      awww thanks too for listing your favorites! it’s been such a great motivation to me

  2. Even though it’s only 9 posts..but each post is a qaulity post with interesting writing 🙂
    Keep it going, Lulu!

    • yes, and I sometimes wonder how amazing it is to find your blogs always full of new food each day, I’ve come to realize you really have such a great passion in cooking. I make your blog as my reference, you know.

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