A Love Letter : Complaining and Loving You at the Same Time.


Dear My Brain,

First of all, I would like to apologize for sending you this seemingly-complaint letter. The weather has been cool as it has been raining since yesterday here. Thank God the flood is not coming.I am sorry for the unnecessary weather report. I was only trying to help you cool down.

I know how you have been loyal to me after all these time. I always got good marks when I was still at school, I passed the university degree with flying colors, and I have been giving some creative ideas to teaching and learning purposes, optimistically saying. I shall thank you once again, I believe not only once have I said “Thank you” to you, but really you have been helping me a lot. I know how you have been so nice to me after all these times.

Do you remember the old time when you tried to “force” me jot down what I had been thinking of on a red diary? Time changes, Miss. I no longer have any contacts with those diaries. This is not meant to discard you of course. I know you know that time changes, especially when it comes to technology. I do still appreciate you in so many ways. I do want to show my appreciation to your loyalty. But I have a confession to make, I hope you are not going to go ballistic.

We both know that you have been giving me a lot of ideas to write. You have been telling “Write, write, and write” since I knew how to arrange sentences with alphabets in my own language; Bahasa. You encourage me ” Forget whether you are going to be a writer someday, just write!” I know even though it is not for a career yet, but it is still quite relieving fact that I have piles of ideas to share with either my readers or passers-by. I am aware those ideas are originally coming from you. And you have the integrity to ask me to elaborate the ideas into a nicely read piece of writing. But, here is the confession; I am kinda nervous to tell, but I have to. My words have been blocked by some sort of invisible creature (I do not intend to say that it is a GHOST), but it seems that I have lost my words. I do not seem to be able to find a perfect sentence to begin my story with. The worst thing is that it is not even a sentence, but a WORD, only a WORD. Excuse me  dear My brain I did not mean to yap at you with the capital letters I used. I was only trying to emphasize  it to express my sadness to the death of my ability to find a WORD to begin my story with. How can I discard (read : share) the ideas you have given me to my readers? It is quite shameful with seven days of taking a leave without any single note or piece of writing to share. I am afraid my ability to write leaves me with no reasons.

Dear My brain, my beloved brain. Perhaps the “problem” is that ich habe kein Lust – as my other German brain told me, please do not be jealous. Let me translate : I just don’t have the spirit to write.  Perhaps,  I have had other things to do, or another possibility; you just do not seem to be helpful. Wait! one more possibility, I just need to think of the PERFECT WORD to start with, because I am a perfectionist.A total perfectionist who will not do anything if it turns out to be so imperfect. In other words; I let myself become idle because of the perfectionism inside me.

My letter is to ask you for a help to free my blocked words, so that I can start to discard (read: share, you know that) the ideas you have given me. My job is elaborating your ideas, and I am going to need your help. Please,in this cool weather, I hope you are feeling cool enough to help me free my blocked words. As soon as they are freed, I promise you a flood of stories to share.

Now, excuse me,I have to run some errands. Thank you for listening! I hope you are smiling now instead of crying or giving me some scary grimace. I love you a lot. Reply is needed when you think you can.


Your slave as well as your best friend, Lu2

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12 responses to “A Love Letter : Complaining and Loving You at the Same Time.

  1. Lulu… you are funny writing a love letter to your brain 🙂
    Don’t be hard on your brain though…cause he/she does a wonderful jbs… everything come out of your blog seems genious and unique.
    Have a wonderful day,

    • Thank God that you like my letter:D.
      I guess you are right, I am too hard on myself sometimes, my brain especially. I need a break but I hope the break won’t be too long to let my blog vacuum without anything to share.
      Have a nice day there Tes!

  2. I loved your witty, original and creative shout out to your brain Lulu- I don’t think it’ll be mad but perhaps understanding and if I may add, words seems to like you a lot if you look at your letter.
    Being a perfectionist can be an obstacle when it comes to writing; firsts drafts are usually messy, raw and less then perfects and I can understand how that can be bothersome. So hush the perfectionist inside you when you’re writing your first draft and let her emerge when it’s time for revision 🙂 You are a very talented, wonderful writer- the words will flow in no time!

    • I know how bad it is being a perfectionist! well it can be bad though. May I borrow the “hush” button to scare away my perfectionism? hehe.
      Thanks for your encouragement! you are such an inspiration!

  3. Ha ha ha ha!!! That’s great. I haven’t written a letter to my brain…ever(?). Perhaps I may some day.

    I hope you find a word to start the perfect sentence with! How about “Serendipity?” Or “Falsification?”

    • ah!! I actually have had an idea of Serendipity,in fact I wrote it already a long time ago on my other blog, perhaps I shall re-post here!
      Thanks JP

  4. A beautiful letter. It made my brain a bit jealous, to be honest. I really think I’ll have to write it a special letter now.
    Thanks for the refreshing post.
    Loved it!

    • Thanks for being here:-)
      My brain was fresh after I sent this letter:D
      I am waiting to write your letter

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  6. Great idea to write a letter to your brain, I read it with a lot of pleasure, very creative! I image that it can be a good way to analyze your brain and mind and to be more conscious. Great!

    • THanks 🙂
      It was indeed blank – I mean I went blank and didn’t know what to write when I wrote this.

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