The Face of Indonesia, and the Face of the World, Tangerang: Pelajar Indonesia kembali mengharumkan nama bangsa di ajang internasional. Dalam Olimpiade Biologi Internasional di Changwon, Korea Selatan, pelajar Merah Putih menyabet dua medali emas dan dua medali perunggu.

Sambutan meriah diberikan bagi para pelajar yang mewakili Indonesia pada Olimpiade Biologi Internasional saat tiba di Bandar Udara Soekarno-Hatta, Tangerang, Banten, Senin (19/7). Selain teman sekolah, perwakilan dari Kementrian Pendidikan Nasional juga hadir.

Putra-putri bangsa meraih hasil maksimal di Korsel. Irfan Haris, siswa SMA Negeri 1 Pringsewu, Lampung dan Harun Reza Sugito, pelajar SMAK 1 BPK Penabur Jakarta meraih medali emas. Dua medali lain yakni perunggu dipersembahkan Danang Chrysnanto dari SMAN 1 Wonogiri dan Thoriq Salafi, siswa MAN Insan Cempaka Tangerang.

Dalam ajang tahunan tersebut, pelajar Indonesia bersaing dengan lebih 200 pelajar dari 60 negara. Oleh pemerintah, jerih payah mereka pun akan diganjar beasiswa hingga jenjang S2 dan S3 di seluruh universitas terbaik di dunia.(JUM)

Pelajar Indonesia Raih Emas Olimpiade Biologi

The Indonesian students won an international Olympics of Biology  in Changwan, South Korea. They got two gold medals, and two bronze medals.

The Indonesian students has won over more than 200 students from 60 countries. The government awards them with graduate, and post-graduate scholarships to the best universities IN THE WORLD!

First of all congratulations my young fellow!

This is such an achievement! and my feelings are mixed. Having won the awards is indeed something we all should be proud of, especially if it brings the name of a country; I know I think my nationalism has arisen when I read the news.  Yet the status of being the winners of such Olympics would be useless without the support of the local government. I shall be thankful to my government for rewarding them with scholarships to higher levels of education. One thing that people outside of my country might not know that those brilliant-brain students  who win such competitions usually come from a family whose income is even below standard.  I am not sure about those students in the articles, but in the previous Olympics like Physics and Math Olympics in which the Indonesian students achieved the gold medals, they do not come from rich families. Those students mostly survive in the education with the help of scholarships over scholarships. The school fees here are sky-rocketing especially we are entering a “new” phase where English is not the foreign language anymore, but it will be the Second language. To some people, sparing some lower income for education is suffocating as a result they abandon the fact that their children are brilliant students; the next generation of our country. It is in their hands that our country will be better and better. They stop sending their children to school as schools demand money. However, some schools do provide scholarships, but some don’t.

Having heard that the government awards them with scholarships to the best universities in the world made me smile. I am not saying that there are no best universities here, but let’s face the fact that we are a developing country who needs the help of humbler and more advanced countries. Their opportunity to get further study is their achievements personally, but I hope it will be also the achievement for their country, my country,our homeland- beloved Indonesia,but most for all the people in the world- human kind.

I know how economics can be such a booster for their acts; like deciding to stay abroad for the reason of money.

Why should I go back to my own land if I only get paid a little?

I personally don’t mind if those brilliant students who study in foreign lands decide to stay there for good for as long as they use their knowledge for human kind; so it does not limit the area where they can apply their knowledge. It’s like

“If my knowledge can help people regardless genders, nationalities, beliefs, or whatever that is so-called as “Differences” then it does not matter where I live.”

It is fully their privilege to have economic reasons.

It is fully their privilege where they are staying in the long run.

But,  for as long as they do not forget their homeland either.

I wish them all the best!

The Indonesian Students at the International Airport Jakarta after winning the olympics of Biology

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10 responses to “The Face of Indonesia, and the Face of the World

  1. Congratulations to those students! This is such a wonderful news and I’m sure it made you and & your country very proud Lulu! It sure is a remarkable achievement… And bravo to your government for the scholarships!
    The last paragraph you wrote was beautiful, it really made me think; today we live in a global world and I feel that it is okay for people to work anywhere as long as they are contributing to the world, regardless of any ‘difference’. But that doesn’t mean we have to forget our homelands and cut our roots.

    • Thank you Lua!
      It is indeed a global world; global families, global offices. I started to think that every country is indeed a melting pot

  2. What a great feeling it must be to win scholarships to the best institutions in the world!

    And yet, even with economics considered, it must be hard to leave the country. I know that I would be sad to leave my friends. 😦

    • I wish I were one of those students, hehe
      I know how it feels to have to say farewell to good friends, but future is future, I mean future is our own responsibility.

    • I hope I won’t have to “Leave” my friends for the sake of my future. I mean the future is the future, but I hope I can twist it to my own whims. 🙂

    • AH yes if it means “leave” in quotations then I hope I won’t either. I mean “leave”literally,however being far away doesn’t mean leaving them completely; thanks to the internet.
      I hope it will be easy for me to twist the future ahead me to my own whims
      Thanks JP

    • It’s hard to make the future do what you want it to! I’m not very far into it, but it’s proving to be rather difficult. The world doesn’t like future-benders.

      And yes, the internet is a great source. But I would rather be with my friends physically than on Facebook or Skype!

  3. What a wonderful scholarship! When I was in Thailand I almost got one… well just almost!
    They would never forget their homeland!.. I hope 🙂

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