An Award in A Porcelain

I am feeling a bit “left behind” in writing as I have been busy lately. However, I really should discard some ideas today.  But before I get started with the writing, I really need to tell you how grateful I am to be given another award in the world of blogger by a great blogger. My heartfelt gratitude to J.P and the award he has given me.

My 1st award is here

2nd Award

Let me quote

I read that there are “Rules” to this award, which I shall list and follow below.

1. To thank and link back to the person who gave you this award (Thanks Lisa! Good job on your blog!)

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Pass this along to 5 bloggers who you recently discovered and who you think are fantastic.

4. Contact the bloggers you picked and let them know about their prize

SEVEN THINGS ABOUT ME… ( I thought you knew?LOL)

1. My ideas on

writing keep flowing like a river flow to the sea since I started to be active again in WordPress this year. I have had this account since 2008.

2. Blogging is not just for my passion for writing, but my passion for CCU – Cross Cultural Understanding. It is a study about how cultures might be different one another, and this study is to understand the differences to create a better world. A peaceful world!

3. I manage to limit my time on facebook. How cool is that!

4. My ears and heart are into easy listening music.

P.S any recommendation?

5. I ever hiked, and it was fantastic. But I don’t like hiking enough to do it one more time.

6. I like foreign languages.

7. I like making greeting cards on my own. Do-it-yourself cards are always special in my opinion.

Truth be told, I haven’t really spent reading bloggers’ posts lately. I have only read some bloggers whose writings I have been following so far, so not sure there are 5.

1. Lua Fowles with her Bowl of Oranges is always special. The bowl is not only full of oranges, but different fruit. She is able to talk to you through her writing. Believe me you will feel welcomed when you read her writings. Would you like to ask her an orange? she will give you.

2. Joshua

I am into photography! wait! doesn’t that mean I made EIGHT things about me instead of SEVEN??ah well…Anyhow, his captures are pretty, and I like them.

3.Tes At Home

Home Sweet Home- that’s

my impression when I read her writings. She puts family as the priority, and her cookings are such inspiration. I salute her for being so constant with the content of her writing. Be warned!you will be drooling when you come to her home. Knock her door! Tes is at Home.

4.Nice Art Life

It’s true that life is full of inspiration, and that inspiration comes from life is indeed a nice art life. His site is full of great scene and shot in a perfect shot as well. For a bonus, you’ll get some information about the places. Some information are often new to me. I am addicted to Nice Art Life! Celebrate life, and see how it gives you so much art.

Sorry, I violated the “rules” giving 4 instead of 5 bloggers.

Keep up the good work! keep on writing, and being creative with anything you like in the name of creativity!
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15 responses to “An Award in A Porcelain

  1. I must say this Award looks pretty much like a chain-mail, as you are supposed to then give the award to several other bloggers and link back. Good just that it does not involve sending small amount of money to every the person awarding you in that you then can hope to get even more money from the people you award. Here it is just linking. But the consent is similar.

    A real award should be given to one or at least a limited number of people or things, in that way they are special. And there should be a place where you could see all or at least all resent receivers of the award.

    All that said, it can still be a nice thing acknowledge people for their work, and also nice to be able to link back threw the chain of bloggers that have been given the award. And I would not say that you do not deserve an award.

    So do not get your chin down, and I must say I salute you for only given the award to four and not five people, this means that you will not give it to just anybody, but indeed only to people having blogs that you think deserve such an award!

    Keep blogging!

    • Thanks Jens! I understand the chain mail,I love people and for as long as I can I don’t mind passing this kind of “award” to some people whose work/writings manage to reach my attention. I like how we all people in the world interact each other through different lens of creativity; it enriches my life. I learn from people, my writings are even inspired by people.The world is just so small, and you will never know what benefits you might get out of this chain mail one of these days.:-)
      Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Dear Lulu, what a surprise to see that you awarded my blog woth this award! Very sweet of you, I really appreciate it, you made my day!
    Big kisses and hugs for you my friend! Have a great weekend!

    • Have a great weekend too Juergen!sorry I don’t have the umlaut on my keyboard.

  3. Aww Lulu, thank you so much for your lovely words about me & my blog- you made my day! And congratulations on your beautiful award, you truly deserve it 🙂
    Thanks to your passion on CCU, I’m getting to learn so much about all the different cultures and countries, which is one of the many reasons why I love your blog.

    I managed to close my facebook about 4 months ago- I’m feeling pretty cool myself! 😉

    • CCU never fails to amaze me. It is always interesting to discuss differences and similarities. Sometimes it shocks me to know what happens here also happen in other parts of the world. Funny! Interesting!
      COngrats on your success in closing the facebook. The only reason I am staying is because my friends are all there, so I am using it only to comment on what they’ve been doing, but lucky me it’s not that often that I am there.
      Thanks Lua

  4. Congratulations to all you who got the award!

    #3: Wow!!! Brave soul! lol
    #6: Я люблю язык тоже!!!
    #7: I do the same thing! Even for a wedding present, I just use a decorated index card. 🙂

    • HELP! lost in translation! what is that no.6? I like foreign language? in a foreign language?!
      Really? may I request a wedding present someday? LOL

  5. Congrats and thanks for the award 🙂 I hope you’re not offended if I don’t pass it on – I’m currently traveling through the US and on my way back to see family in Ohio before I leave for Taiwan. Thanks for the pingback, though 🙂 I do appreciate it!

    • HI Joshua!
      no I am not offended at all, that was why I “violated” another rule by not letting you know about this award, did you notice it?:P because I am into passing this on if I am not really interested in blogs.
      I know how busy you must be now; Taiwan is waiting,most of all LOVE is waiting!( wink wink)
      Have nice traveling days! See you

  6. Thanks Lulu for your sweet words on my blog 🙂 it feel so honored by this!
    Congrats on the award, I really think that you deserved it! Your writing is so fun and there’s something new everytime I check back 🙂
    Have a wonderful weekend,

    • Hi Tes,
      I am lucky to have come across your inspiring food blogs; the stories about food and family you have shared are inspiring:-)
      Have a wonderful weekend too

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