Three Colors of Crayon I Must Have

Thank you for the eyesight for colors exit in the world! Thank you for the colors of colors give to my life. Thank you for the three “musketeers” which give me some inspirations.


You have the color to make orange. How cool is that! I really don’t know the culture of colors, but is that such culture?. I always think red sends passion for life, love, and dreams she has. The internet suggests that the red color is the color for an extroverted person. It might be true. An Extroverted person seems to be hungry all the time for public attention, thus she needs something easily spotted. It’s like telling people “Hey, I am here.Hallo!!” waving her hands enthusiastically.

1. Red conveys a message of bravery, self-confidence,and independence. Perhaps it is also some kind of warning : Don’t play around with me!. No wonder nearly every sign either in a form of a word or image I see uses RED to give the strong effects one may get if one violates the rule (sign).

2.There are in fact some English phrases in which RED are used;

I know you might not be a superstar! but you are beaming when somebody says a. “Hey, we’ll roll out the red carpet when you become a bride.” Then you feel the surge of being treated as special.

b. ” I think we’d better be back. Do you see the RED flag there?” Danger! Danger!

And yes, I chose RED as it is the primary color.


It’s to help the red.

I know how important the sun is to our lives. Both sunsets and sunrise denote life cycle. Yellow is the color of the sunshine which means hopes. Sometimes the sun DOES look orange, the blend of yellow + red makes orange. Having yellow is like killing two birds with one stone; you’ll get two colors : Yellow, and Orange(with the help of red)

I read that ( not in my culture) yellow ribbons were worn as a sign of HOPE for women waiting for their loved ones coming back from war. In my culture ( Indonesian) yellow denotes mourn or anything associate with sadness, but this does not affect the life of the people that much. For sure, yellow is not the TOP options of colors one here chooses for a decoration for example.

And yes, I chose YELLOW as it is the primary color.


It’s not to make you Blue, really. I don’t know but you, but I always think Blue is calm. Does that mean that a baby boy who seems to be associated with blue is a calm baby? I don’t think so.

The world is getting crazier; the heatwave which is increasing everywhere, the stupid people who don’t seem to respect others, high rates of crimes as a result of lower level of employment, and too many things to mention has set the world on FIRE;oh wait!! see, that’s RED ( isn’t that RED somehow “important”?). When the world is set on FIRE, we need the frozen ice of BLUE that can transform the world into a calm/ cool world. But be careful! Blue is dangerous when you don’t use it appropriately! ; too freezing, too sad and gloomy.

But yes, I chose BLUE as it is the primary color.


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18 responses to “Three Colors of Crayon I Must Have

  1. I have always been fascinated by colours, reading what I can about them, but more on the theoretical plane. The colours you’ve chosen are indeed the basic colours of the negative colour scale. That is colours as coming from paint, if you have instead positive colours then you swap the yellow for the green. If you look at your TV-screen(or colour monitor), with a magnifying glass, you can see that the three colours used in order to generate every colour there is is just Red, Green and Blue. (You may have heard the abbreviation RGB?).

    When you have a colour printer the colours used most often are again a different set of colours, CMYK C=Cyan, M=Magenta, Y=Yellow and K=black).

    If you get even more theoretical (like I tent do do), You can see colours as a 3 dimensional space (box), where each colour has a value between zero and one were zero means none and one means maximum. This is how computers store their colours. If you have maximum amount of each colour you get the brightest colour, White. Mixing positive colours is not the same as mixing negative colours, fro example if you mix red and green you will get yellow! (Taker a magnifying glass and look at something yellow at on your TV, in order to verify this)

    Now that you have a 3-dimensional, linear space you can actually use any three dimensions in this space in order to pinpoint a specific colour. One such set of dimension that is often used is HSB (Hew, Saturation and Brightness) That is what colour, how intense is the colour and how bright is it. This way is actually more like the human eye sees colours and the 3 dimensional box is now turned into two cones where the top of the cones are black and white and the base of the cones are coloured like the rainbow, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and violet (And then back to Red), the closer to the top in the cone you go the more dark or bright the colour gets, the longer away from the central axis the more colourful the colour gets and when you rotate around the axis you change the colour, like driving threw the rainbow.

    Colours are truly amazing!

    • The weird thing about blue/red – blue is actually warmer in terms of frequency… so a blue star is much hotter than a red one…

      This always confused me when studying astronomy.

    • I actually felt a bit confused whether or not to include Green. I used to learn a bit about colors of negative colors scale ( for paint? why is it called negative?) but this doesn’t mean I am a negative person, Jens, hehe. It’s amazing that mixing colors create new colors. The information you shared is really interesting! thanks a lot Jens

    • Joshua: True but also there is something called red-shift that will make a star have different colour because of the distance to the observer, using the colour spectrum from the star and this fact it is possible to calculate the distance.

      Lulu: It is called positive colours because it is emitting light so light is added, negative because light is removed so something being red is because the red coloured light is reflected while the other colours are not. Colour is a strange thing. if you use a green light shining on a red object it will look black, same if you use a red light on a green object. This effect can be used to make different eyes see different things like the red/green glasses used to watch some 3D images and movies. The new 3d-movies like Avatar use a different technique – I’ll tell you more about that some other time.

      What about a stone becoming a diamond? I can tell you all about that too, in case you are interested, as there will be a volcano involved 😉

  2. I love colors. What a sad world it would be if suddenly we didn’t have any colors?! Of course, we wouldn’t know about colors so it wouldn’t be that sad, ha ha ha.

    Three colors for me? Maybe black, white, and orange. I think the world would be so warm and beautiful, even if those were the only colors.

    Did you ever wonder what a new color would look like?

    • There are many people who are colour-blind, they are not able to see colours, still they are doing OK. In fact there are a lot of “new” colours, the human eye is only able to see a small range of colours, those that you see when looking at the rainbow, still there are colours that we do not see (like infra-red). With technology we can make those colours visible, but then in order to grasp them we have to represent them with some colour we can see, still there are other animals that can see them.

    • Black? that explains why you use the black bird as your avatar!
      To know whether there is a new color, I need to experience with my palette! it’s sometimes interesting to play with color; combining one or two or more colors, then voila!! you get new colors! and try to remember what colors you have used. How cool is that! it makes me miss to paint!

    • Yes Lulu, black. It’s such a rich color. It implies mystery, strength, overwhelming…Maybe it’s not a color, sure, but we can see it right? Like Jens said, there are many more colors. I wish I could see them!!! I would be so thrilled. Perhaps I would go blind, or lose my mind because I couldn’t handle it?

  3. Great post Lulu…
    Color is so important to us… but I love green thought and brown… anything that has to do with nature.
    I love every color that the world offer> Everything will be so beautiful if it is appropriate and we set the tone right!

    • I love green as well, in fact it is among my favourite. Glad to know you like it too Tes. Green is calm,and I love it. Thanks for being here Tes!

  4. I believe every color has its own energy… Whenever I think of passion, desire or motivation I think of red. Yellow energies me, recharges my batteries and blue… Blue is my favorite color of all, it’s calming, healing and it gives me hope. After all whenever I see the sky covered in grey clouds, I know there is a blue sky beneath it, waiting the right time to come out 🙂 Great post Lulu!

    • Hi! you are back from the holiday! how was it? I will check your blog soon later, have you posted anything new? I haven’t checked.
      Red is indeed a strong color!
      I sometimes wonder why most people use BLUE for their rooms; I am pretty sure it’s the calm affect the BLUE color sends.
      Welcome back!and see you soon

  5. Yes I’m back, I had a great time and I posted the pictures! Drop by whenever you can Lulu 🙂

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