The Secret Code at School


Teenagers are amazing source of knowledge. We all were teenagers before, or are we still? at least feeling like a teenager sometimes? like 30 suddenly 13?ha! that’s another topic, of course.

However, teenagers can be such inspirations, most especially their lifestyle.The way they pick the lifestyle often makes me smile.The lifestyle they follow changes over time depending on their cliques, and personalities ( later when they feel like they know who they are already)

Schools are a prime place where peer network exists.A peer group is a social group consisting of people who are equal in such respects as age, education or social class. When there are more than two people share the same interests, point of views- they form a clique. Teenagers love to from cliques; the models, the bookworms, the party-goers, the shopaholics, and all that jazz

When cliques are formed, there is a sense of intimacy, strong bound of friendship which is hard to break by the outsider. To make the clique solid, they create some kind of codes to exclude the outsiders from their world. The codes which I prefer calling CI- clique Identification. The codes are varied;

1.They can be in a form of dress code in which their names ( or even more solid- their clique names- Viva Forever – VF)are printed on the surface of the dress:

If you don’t have the dress you are not my clique, it’s as simple as that.

They say

2.Necklaces or bracelets with their names ( of course)- the same color, shape, style, fabric! you name it.

3. Body language or non-verbal language.

To make it short… let’s narrow down the varied codes into four.

4.The four form of clique identification, I am going to tell you about, is actually quite interesting as it has something to do with language. I am not sure this code can be applied in the English language, but maybe it can only in a different structure.

Let’s take some moments for a flash back!

I was 7 years old. I entered elementary school, and met many friends. Of course, they formed cliques ( so cliques don’t begin at a teenage life). One day on a break time I was eavesdropping my classmates with her clique mates talking in an Alien language. I did not even think it was my native language, yet it did not sound like a tribal language either. I was baffled! I have never been a good pretender, so they caught me eavesdropping. Instead of telling me what they were talking about, they showed me off their Alien language more often. One year later, I moved to another island, and of course another city. In the new city, I encountered the same experience; dealing with a clique talking in nearly the same Alien language I heard a year back. But, this time! I was excited as they let me know what “language” they were talking about. It was Bahasa, only being tweaked with their own way.- That was my time!


Having been teaching teenagers for a few years, I found the same case as mine. They form cliques, and speak the Alien language, which I know what:-)
Soup To Nutz

So, here’s the new “grammar” of the secret code;

Examples :

Aku mau makan di kantin. – I want to eat at the canteen.

In their code, it becomes : Asakusu masausu masakasan disi kasantisin.

or sometimes they agree to say this :Abakubu mabaubu mabakaban dibi kabantibin.

Whoaa?? hard?

Let me explain;

Asakusu masausu masakasan disi kasantisin.

Abakubu mabaubu mabakaban dibi kabantibin.

Do you see how they tweak the language? they insert each syllable with any combinations of consonant and vowel which are spelled and pronounced the same way as the real syllable ( the black letter).

They speak it pretty fast. Sometimes they choose to insert F, B, S, L, etc- depending on their agreement at first.

I don’t see the possibility of this “language” being applied to English.

I smile every time I hear them speak this. I know their code, as I used the code too myself.

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7 responses to “The Secret Code at School

  1. I’ve heard of this kind of thing before, except with twins instead of cliques. I even heard of a set of twins who spoke an “alien language” not even professional linguists could decode!

    I wrote a post today about language too! Great minds think alike I guess. 🙂

    • I think when they created the code, they simply didn’t think of whether there would be linguists as the intruders. I think we all could make those codes, but perhaps only few codes which are hard to decode, hehe, not sure.
      It’s just amazing how creative those people are.

  2. Lulu you have some serious talent when it comes to observation!
    Teenagers are a species all of their own; they have their own language, own codes and own rules of living!
    And even though I used to be one of them (maybe 5-6 years ago?) today I can’t even understand what they’re saying when they talk 🙂 That is how fast the ‘trends’ of their worlds change!
    And Oh my God! We did that when we were in elementary school- we would tweak the language in a certain way and speak fast so the adults couldn’t get what we were saying! 🙂

    • today I can’t even understand what they’re saying when they talk 🙂 That is how fast the ‘trends’ of their worlds change!
      ——— That’s exactly what I feel! I can’t get it why certain things are so appealing to them while to me they are just,hmm, common- but they manage to make it so excited that I think I feel like joining in their world.
      You did the tweak too? Now I am curious! I am happy to know that this doesn’t happen only here. It’s the good thing of sharing different cultures. It lets me get the access of knowing other cultures better,then I’ll end up saying “After all we are all actually facing the same phase.” Thanks Lua!

  3. It’s so nice to learn secret code from another language. I remember I used to use secret code uhhhh I still do sometimes 🙂
    Great post Lulu!

    • The secret code is going global. I am curious how it is in other languages than my own native language.
      You still do? hehe that sounds like fun.It makes you stay creative.
      Thanks Tes

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