Sweetbriars in Our Crystal Ball


A story I wrote some yeas ago. It was a fun thing to do, especially inspired by a game called literati we played some years ago. If you take a look at the literati board below, all the underlined words in the story ( I might have missed some, sorry!) were taken from the literati game board. Sometimes I just feel like the words were used incoherently  in the story, you tell me, but I guess I did my best. Critiques are cordially welcome!

A quite timid lad went a few times to a pub on a rainy day by bus. He was a bit frustrated as his application letters had been rejected few times. Rejection is the path to a success – he thought. He just hoped that his third application letter wouldn’t be rejected. At that time in the pub, neither did he want some beer nor some candies which were placed in a big transparent jar next to him. He chose to sit on a stool near the jukebox at the corner of the pub at that time, the pub with punk music once in a while. After twenty minutes of sitting there, he got so bored that he decided to leave the pub that night. While he was walking out through the door, he bumped into an old man with bushy eyebrows who was about to go inside the pub; he was about 50 something.

“ Watch out, young man! Have you no respect? ”

He apologized few times while the old man kept on cursing him. It was such a bad day for him in the pinky pub at that time; boring and being cursed by an old man.

The rain had stopped while he was waiting for the next bus to go home. It was already late at night when the bus he had been waiting for finally arrived. He looked at the number of the bus to ensure it was the bus he meant. He chose to sit next to the window as it was his favorite place to sit. His mind was wandering when a lady with a sexy red dress sat beside him. The lady seemed to be like a bookworm and pi lady because of the glasses she was wearing yet she was a sexy lady. The fragrance of the lady’s perfume made him stop wandering. He wanted to say hi, yet he didn’t dare do it. He tried to think of something else yet the presence of the lady next to him bothered him so much that he couldn’t even think of anything else but her. He could hear somebody said “hi” few times, but the timid lad didn’t realize that it was the lady’s voice talking to him. This time the voice was a bit loud “Hi” and he realized it was the lady talking to him.

“Oh, hi”,

“I am sorry for bothering, but I am looking for this address.” She showed an address written on a neat white paper  to the lad.

“Oh, yes I know where this is. It is near the place where I live.”

The conversation continued and once in a while they were seen laughing together.

As it was promised by the lad, he showed the girl the address she was looking for. It was two blocks away from the lad’s house. There was an awkward moment for a while where both of them didn’t even say anything, yet simply smile to each other. “This is it the house you’ve been looking for.” In short, they promised to meet each other again in a city park in front of the lady’s house. It was such a beautiful night for him on his away home on the bus at that time; sitting next to a freshly fragrant-perfume lady and having the opportunity to meet her again. After all, the boredom in a pub had lead to an amazing life journey.

In a beautiful morning, two days after the meeting on the bus with the lady, he was called by a prestigious inn where he sent his application letter to few days ago. “You are expected for an interview this morning” said the man on the other line. He celebrated the blessing the life offered him. He opened a sliding door overlooking his small-but-nice garden. It was a relief that he wasn’t rejected over and over again. He could see some  morning dew left on the surface of the leaves as it was raining heavily last night. This was also the promised time of the second meeting with the lady. He was going to meet her tonight. Time flew fast; he finally got the job. Now, he was about to meet the lady in the city park. What a life!

The city park was quiet, and it was actually a bit windy. He was trying to sing to overcome his nervousness meeting the lady. The lady came, and apologized the lad for being late as she had to baby sit her sister’s son who was having pox. As soon as they were sitting on a bench closer to each other, closer enough to feel the fabric of the lady’s dress; it was very smooth, the timid lad handed a rose flower and thanked her for coming. For a minute or two there was a silence. They were laughing and talking to each other while they were having their potato chips and chocolates. One secret revealed that the lady never wanted to fall in love with a lad who was into pub. The lad was nervous; feeling afraid that the lady might have known he had been to pub few times. The night seemed to be really short while actually they had spent hours together. The lad walked the lady home. It was strange that once in a while, he could hear night owls. Did the sound of the owls ruin the romantic atmosphere? At least it did a little. From a distance, the timid lad could see a man who was standing with anger in front of a porch in the lady’s house. The closer he was to the house, the more familiar the man’s face was. He tried to remember where he met the man. Not until he remembered did he meet the man somewhere, the man scolded him,

“ Young man! Have you no respect! It’s late! You should have brought my daughter home few hours ago.”

It was like a thousand stones fell onto him when he remembered when he met the man. A heavy voice said,

“Hmm, hey aren’t you the guy in the pub? What are you doing here?” and a bunch of questions that spinning around on his head and making him faint. Along with the questions, he could capture disappointment on the lady’s face. He was finally left alone outside with no single sweet goodbye.

It was two weeks since he met the lady. He hadn’t heard anything since then. He doted on her, he knew it for sure. He had only salad that early morning. While his mind was wandering around thinking of the girl, someone knocked the door. It was a postman delivering a big parcel. He brought it inside and opened it in his small-but-nice garden. Later he knew it was a parcel from the lady’s father who happened to be the headlines in the newspapers because of his new inns built in some beautiful islands. The lady’s father was also the owner of the inn where he was working at that time. The parcel was only a bottle of beer, a crystal ball with some deer and sweetbriars inside, and a card said that he invited the lad for a family barbeque in a rec owned by the family. He hardly believed that and re-read the card many times. He was smiling happily when suddenly someone knocked on the door. When he opened the door, he numbed for sometimes as it was the freshly fragrant-perfume lady who was standing in front of him.

“ You are my morning dew and you make me alive.”

The lad didn’t even realize he could say those lines, he didn’t believe his poetic skill after all these years.

“And I am your fan.” added the lady and almost at the same time as they said

“ It ails me when I don’t meet you.” They both smiled.


Literati we played Some Years Ago

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