Discarding Lu’s 15 June’s Thoughts

1. “Deadly” Dead Shrimps

Shrimp Soup- recipes can be found in the food section

Something good is sometimes hard to get. One often has to endure the pain before savoring the fruits. Something good is indeed not instant; it is a process, and the process is a part of learning, and appreciating life. I guess I should learn from the nature. It provides me with examples to learn, and lessons to ponder about.

2.Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder

And when it comes to beauty that people start arguing, perhaps blaming each other, and calling one is strange for thinking something is beautiful. Yet, it is absolutely one’s privilege to have different opinions; I guess I am pretty open-minded.

3. Thank You for the Music, and the Songs I am Singing

Music is interpreted differently; it is all a matter of someone’s taste in music. I am blessed to have the complete senses.I am blessed music DOES give me inspirations. I am neither a musician nor a composer, yet I am a big fan of melody.

4.Traditional Convenience

On a Wheelbarrow

When life seems so simple that you even think that you can get the benefits out of it; perhaps you should think twice. There is always at least one problem you must face over the simplicity of seem-to-be-simple life offers you. Just my two cents!

5.When the “Scary” Forests are Our Saviors

Where will they live??

I have my share in the memory of thick forests in Pontianak, Borneo. The greenery was somehow scary in the eyes of a young girl, yet it’s indeed what we should try to preserve otherwise the end of the world is near. Salute to those who bring so many efforts to keep the Earth evergreen that the planet will survive longer.

6.Walks to Remember and Relive

Our Walks in Fuessen Germany

It’s lovely to be bound with nature. It’s lovely to share lovely moments when nature is the witness. Perhaps, it’s not the only witness, yet it is the most loyal witness that gives you more privacy in a very pretty way. We are save

7. When Determination Breaks Traditions

It is the determination within yourself that empowers you to excel at any fields in which people think are limited to only talented people. It is the determination within yourself that help you become what you want to be. “Impossible” is not imprinted in those determined people’s mindset.

8. A Symbol of Pride

Hoist the flag on Independence Day

I agree that chauvinism is killing a nation. I believe that too much pride of a citizen will bring ruin to a peaceful world. But a slightly chunk of chauvinism to boost your sense of pride as a citizen of a country is indeed needed, and you have the very obvious tools to boost your pride which may be sleepless for for sometime.

9.When the “Magical” Dance Becomes Your True Love

Good Characters in the epic of Ramayana Ballet

The dance is magical as well as absorbing. It is full of memory, good vibes, and immortal friendship. The music is the art people created thousand years ago, and when it echoes in the modern era; it gives me some goosebumps.let me tell you one thing: We welcome you, and do our best to make you feel like home.

10.A Booster Motivation : Beautiful Blogging Award


May peace be upon you. It’s the first time ever I got the award. It motivates me in so many ways. Dreams are in front of me, and what I am doing now is heading to them gripping them into my hand.

11. I Am “Successfully being kicked” by Museums

Water Filter from Germany

Some museums are too boring to visit, frankly speaking. Some others are worth the second, third visit. They provide you some free password you have to break yourself. If you succeed, then it’s your achievement, yet otherwise it’s your own problem.

12 From Light to Dark in a Tropical Isle

The Sun on Java

13. Love and Festivity :Eating is Not Merely a Verb Anymore

I have two homes in my heart and mind. The homes with a lot of memories, and good hopes. The homes where the words Liebe, Cinta, or Love are there to be seen, and felt. The homes with the people you love, and love you unconditionally. Forget all the interior! it’s all meaningless without those people.

14. Law of Attraction : The Tiny Spot

We are under the magical spell of “Law of Attraction”. It influences our thoughts, and helps us shape our ideas.Even though someone being idealistic refuses being controlled by someone’s else Law of Attraction; he or she just can’t. We are social human beings. We all do have the spell, but are we good enough to spread it for good reasons?

15. Craving Cappuccino in a Cup

Poem in Lingua Franca

16. May’s Recap


For the sake of my own brain

For the sake of my self appreciation to the time I shared for the thoughts I have had in mind

For the sake of my appreciation to the freedom of speech

For the sake of my learning process as a blogger- a writer someday- halah mimpi kalee
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6 responses to “Discarding Lu’s 15 June’s Thoughts

    • Thanks, it’s a recap, so that I will make sure myself for not repeating myself, and knowing the content of my site.

    • Hello Tes,
      thanks! being forgetful like me, I need this kind of recap to remind me about my own posts.
      Thanks for being here, come to yours asap

  1. It was great to see all of your wonderful posts all together- I’ve learned so much from your blog Lulu, your posts are always entertaining, inspiring and very informative… Can’t wait to read more 🙂

    • Hi Lua thanks!
      I didn’t use to be well-organized when blogging, so I tended to lose the mood of writing, now I know how to overcome it.
      I’ve learned a lot from your blog too. It’s always nice to read your blogs Lua.
      Happy weekend

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