Craving Cappuccino in a Cup

Cappuccino in a cup
looks so nice when it’s served,
Sipped slowly as it’s hot
Feels so good in my gut

Cappuccino in a cup
Accompanies the good talk
A best friend on rainy days
Enlightened one’s days
A romantic companion when it’s full moon

I remember the cappuccino in cups
When it was cold outside,
My cappuccino cup,
it was there on the table too long,
and it was getting cold too soon,
Just because I lingered over my cappuccino
Yet, the taste lingers on in my mind

Cappuccino in cups
Sipped slowly as they’re hot
Feels so good in our guts
As good as our memories that linger on in our mind
As good as our debatable discussions over different principles

October 21st, 2009

In a Cup- taken by Lu2Ar

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10 responses to “Craving Cappuccino in a Cup

    • Thank you Tes,
      glad to know that it made you smile.
      It’s hot here, so iced cappuccino will sound perfect

  1. I want to want a cappuccino. Unfortunately, I’m not a GOOD coffee drinker, I need a lot of cream and sugar. Maybe I should just have a cabit-chino.

    I love the last line. 🙂

    • what’s that a cabit-chino?
      I don’t drink coffee that much, only if I want to, really:-)
      Thanks JP

    • A cabit-chino is a fake cappuccino which tastes more like hot cocoa than straight up coffee. He he, I just made it up. You won’t find it on wikipedia. 🙂

  2. Hehe, I thought so about your creation! I had searched before I asked you, but then I ended up scratching my head, I guess google didn’t always know all the answers to anything:D
    what a creative!!

    • What? Google not knowing the answers? Falsification! A cabit-chino may not be on wikipedia, but google is the Law!!!! 😀 lol

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