Law of Attraction : The Tiny Spot

Don’t Blame Me

(An Inspired Story)

I am a tiny spot in your place; way too tiny for you to even notice my existence. I am probably just a small dot on your place that I am sure, you would surely need the help of Mr/Mrs. Microscope; not that I meant to say you can’t see, yet I am way too tiny. Don’t you know that I always give my smiles when coming your way? Ah ya, sorry, How would you even see my smile, if I am even untraceable on your big place where all the giants in the universe are trying to knock your door offering you vitality and celebrating your magnificent charm and vibe?. Don’t you know that I might be giving my shoulders to cry on ? Ah, ya ya ya, I am sorry, I am just a tiny spot, which you even never think of.

Often I heard conversations among you and others, who seem to be your biggest source of vitality; in their hands they seem to never let your eyes void of all expressions- and in their hands, you seem to gain the charm that no one might possess.

I know I came too late to know you, so no one is to blame if I am just a tiny spot. I know I came uninvited as you exuded “Law of Attraction” the first time I saw you. And do you know what? you are to blame, actually or I should be blamed for owning the interests in having relationship with so many of yous. Please, give me some reasons not to!

Don’t you know that I might even be giving my best if you ask me to? I am sorry I might not say ;

“I Love You”

–at least not that fast – even you possess “Law of Attraction”, as the words “Aku Cinta Kamu” , “ I Love You” “Ich liebe dich” or in other languages, which I am so ignorant about, mean much more than just three words containing pronouns and a verb. “ I Love You” Or is this why I am so untraceable for I never say ;”I Love You”?,


don’t you think that would be quite odd, if I am, the Tiny Spot, all of a sudden decided to transform into a big giant, which I prefer calling

“Mr. and Mrs. Human beings or Miss Human being?”

then say, not necessarily loud ”

The Tiny Spot : “I Love You.”

You would frown and say

Law of Attraction : “ Who the hell are you?”

would I be able to defend myself and say:

The Tiny Spot : “Hey, don’t you know me? I am the Tiny Spot, who is always around.Hello”- optimistically waving my cute tiny hands to you as you started to notice my existence.

Law of Attraction :“What? Who? What are you talking about?”

Heck! slowly putting my hands down- case closed- door closed – you wouldn’t let me in anymore as you thought you just met a crack-brained creature.


I don’t think you expect me to say ” I Love You” that fast either

I think I just realized you have that “Law of Attraction”; no wonder I am always addicted to you.

“Law of Attraction” is like an absorbing magnetic tool you have. Don’t you know that you have this? So, here what I am going to state;

  • Don’t blame me if I seem to hope you to notice me.
  • Don’t blame me if I come to your doorway whenever you open a party for public; hoping to show myself up, and talking to you – sometimes just the two of us.
  • Don’t blame me if keep on being there with you sometimes secretly just to know what you are doing.
  • Don’t blame me if I might bore you with my existence as you might think I have no “Law of Attraction” ( I am against this for each of us has “Law of Attraction”) .
  • Don’t judge me being too friendly to you as I want you to include me in your thoughts.
  • Just don’t blame me if once again, I try to capture your attention to notice me, the Tiny Spot, who is absorbed by your Law of Attraction.

Sometimes we might not realize that the ones we often do not notice or talk with, are often the ones who help us out in time of troubles. Sometimes we will only realize that they are important whenever they are not around, then we will wonder “oh where is he or she?”.

Inspired by:

1.Strangers, and people whom I know personally.

2. A bakery boy I met at my work, and a boy that polishes one’s shoes along the main streets.

A re-post from my site; two years ago.

The Grizzwells

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16 responses to “Law of Attraction : The Tiny Spot

    • Thanks for your insight JP.
      I know people are faced with two facts; being rejected, and being accepted.
      The response is also different; some take it personally and thus this take up all the energy to keep on questioning “why? what have I done?”, and some just don’t care, and say “such is a life”, and decide to go on with the life.

    • Thank you for stopping by and sharing your insight- much appreciated.
      life can be either so complex or easygoing, I know.
      Have a great day there

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  2. I can definitely relate to this. It’s so true- though we might not realize it at the time, there are people that go in and out of our lives that may actually have a huge impact, and ultimately shape parts of our lives.

  3. And when we know there are some good changes in us, only then do we realize someone or some people have shaped parts of our lives.And I just hope it’s never too late to say thank you.
    Thanks for sharing your insight!

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