Love and Festivity: Eating is Not Merely a Verb Anymore

Blue Dining Room

A family with three children, and one or two grandchildren gathering together in the dining room for a teatime or meal time. When it’s the teatime; neither is the tea nor the cookies they have in mind (well, at least they are not the only ones) but it is the good vibe that you can’t wait to feel,knowing that your love ones are there with you.

A dining room is alive when the people in the house are willing to share stories, life experiences, and whatever they are interested in sharing with the whole member of the family. I am not against silence on the table, I know for sure that silence in the dining room conveys the message of love in a different way : Actions speak louder than words.

The small grandchildren are sitting nicely enjoying the meal for the day. Yes, sometimes they do the finger-lickings! Their grandparents, and parents seem to talk something easy, nothing heavy topics, really.

Nothing special with the menu, but the conversation going on in the dinning room is cardinal, and private .

A Lovely dining room may not be adorned with expensive furniture; the chairs are not that soft, the table is not that big, thus it DOES look full even though there are not many food served there.There is not probably enough light coming into the dining room, but that is not the issue, the room is still a good place to share stories dreamily. Eating is probably not the activity one is looking forward to, but the love shared during the sharing stories activity is. Ja, genau!, there is LOVE (English)-LIEBE(Germany)CINTA (Bahasa) here, and the word love consists of many parts of speech; Affection (Noun), Happiness (Noun), Romantic (Adjective), Funny (Adjective)- You name one!

Below is for the sake of my passion for Architecture mainly focuses on Home and Interior Design.

Dining room 1

Blue is always my favorite. Blue sends messages of calmness. The dining room here gets a bit too much light in my opinion. If I were to modify the room, I would give “meine persönlicthe Note” (a personal touch) , oh by the way is the German term correctly used here?. The modification would be to add a transparent curtain in the middle part of the window.

I wonder whether stitching matching those kinds of tea towels together to make two curtains; left and right sides is nice. I might steal the idea someday, but perhaps with different kinds of tea towels pattern.

The flowery kind of table clothes often give the look of “oldies”, but that’s what makes the room looks homey; just my opinion thought.

Dining Room Inspiration

Dining room 2

In my culture (Indonesian), BBQ or a grill party is not that common, thus what I have in mind when looking at this kind of dining room is not really about the spacial place supports  for BBQ-ing, but the joy of looking at the garden while enjoying my meal together with the ones I love 0f course who love me too.I always like the idea of a dining room overlooking a garden. It gives more a LOVE touch.

indoor outdoor

Dining Room 3

Mirror on the wall in the kitchen

Have I told you that I give two thumbs up to the idea of a dining room joined together with a kitchen? The kind of a dining room enables me to mingle with the whole member of the family gathering together in the kitchen-and-dining room- that’s another LOVE touch.

I am never against for putting a mirror on the wall in the kitchen. Kitchen is often only a small space, but with the help of a mirror, a small space will look more spacial. Is the mirror also for a fashionable reason? I will leave it up to you. But, it’s not such a bad reason, right? If you read my post about Home Design and Architecture ( which are my field of interests as well) you won’t be surprised if I tell you that I like the combination or red, and black.

Dining Room 4

The window box is one of my favorite design. In Indonesia, window boxes are not common, and that’s kind of boring design without them. I sometimes flick through Indonesian Home Design magazines, and I am hopeless to find homes with such window boxes. I like flowers, and It’s awesome to have some flowers in pots  put on those window boxes. I am not only enjoying my meal, but also the flowers to satisfy the need of my sight sense of beauty.

Window Boxes and Flowers in the Dining room

So, to sum up ( hope the summary adds up):

Dining room is not supposed to be the place for EATING MEALS only, yet it is supposed to be the place where I can get my inspiration from.

When the dining room is homey enough, then the room has multiple functions instead of only one.

Are you on the same boat with me ?


All the pictures are taken from Home Design

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11 responses to “Love and Festivity: Eating is Not Merely a Verb Anymore

  1. What makes those dining rooms so special is the moments we spend there; enjoying delicious food with our loved ones, sharing stories and making wonderful memories! Dinner table is a ritual, it’s not just a place where people eat but also connect with each other…
    Blue is my favorite color and needless to say, I fell in love with that blue dining room Lulu! 🙂

    • human seems never feel satisfied; even though the food is not delicious, I think it becomes somehow ‘delicious” when we are surrounded by special people.
      Blue is one of favorites too.
      Glad to know you fell in love with that blue dining room:-)
      Thanks Lua

  2. Like Lua said, it’s not necessarily the eating that is the important thing at the dining room table, although it is somewhat important. I have heard that eating together bonds people, scientifically. What a wonderful time of day when we can spend time with the closest people in our lives, to hold together the basic unit of the nation! Why overlook this moment? Why do drive-through, or Chinese take-out in your office? Would our communities be better off if people made dinner time a priority?


    • People seem to be too busy now to spend together with the loved ones. Work overtime, or social meetings and bla bla bla. Dinner room is often empty; that’s kinda sad.
      I think it’s quite a rare case now to hear something like “Oh,sorry! I can’t go around that time.It’s dinner time at home with family.”when you ask someone out.

  3. I really got scared somethimes that we won’t be able to cherish the beautiful moment in the dinning room as we are super busy all the time. Thanks for reminding me to find the balance.
    The dinning room 2 looks like my dream kitchen_ dinning room.

    • First of all, it’s good to know about your dream kitchen-dinning room:-)there are just too many to browse, and many choices made my ability to choose become impaired.
      Hope you have wonderful days with your family, and your cute little boy, Tes

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