From Light to Dark in a Tropical Isle

Weekend’s coming! time is running like I was doing jogging, yet without my sport shoes on – so it was kind of tiring sometimes. Time is flying like I was in a zeppelin flying up high watching the world revolves. But I like this way instead of living the slow pace of life.

These two little things ( how do you call these things?? they have a name right?) have been making nice sounds since I wrote this entry. I kinda like the sound; it sends me a message inside that the wind is blowing outside.

From Small Objects

So how does it look like now here on this weekend? Without having the intention to transform myself to be a weather-woman, I am obliged to share you what I see is a beauty of tropical country.It was a bright sunny day here. The sky was clear blue, nearly no clouds at all.

From Blue Sky

To some people the heat here is nearly unbearable, well it is sometimes to me. But I often thank God for the sun shines. When the sun shines, outdoor plans are often carried out nearly without a halt. When the sun shines, it’s my own choice where I want to lead my steps to; beaches? parks with daisies? grill out somewhere? you name one!

From Blue Sky

Imagine :

It’s such a charming picture of an afternoon day in a tropical country.Having some days off and going to some nice place when the sun is not totally hiding behind the clouds. Then, sipping dreamily my iced tea or orange juice, or lemonade while lying lazily on a hammock under a shady tree in which I can see the light of the sun among the gaps of the leaves. The wind breezes gently putting me to a siesta with its silence lullaby. Then I begin my other journey in my dream, privately!

I just went outside to test how the blistering sun shows off its power outside. Es war nicht so heiss, really!

I know the sun here is sometimes such an evil; the heat is sometimes quite intense that some people do not mind staying inside the homes, and having the ACs on.

From Sun of the Tropical Isle
From Sun of the Tropical Isle

The sun kept on showing its beauty and power until after 5 PM, when the day was slowly getting to dark. The clouds wanted to be seen, so they decided to show themselves up to cover the afternoon sun. The sun was actually pretty , yet I did not manage to take some shots of it. I guess the clouds were a bit jealous of the beauty. The air blowing up to the moment I am writing is neither cool nor hot. But, it’s a quite nice Saturday night. It is in fact romantic! Daydreaming a bit …

From Getting Dark

How can I not say it is romantic when the moon is showing up; thanks to the sun for the light! It’s not easy to get better images of the moon using my simple camera, but one of these days, I will manage to get better images of the moon in a romantic scene around me. The later the night the prettier the moon will be. The picture below was taken some years back; I guess it was the “best’ shot of the moon I managed to make so far. But really! The moon is showing up on the sky here now. Der Mond ist sehr schön

The Moon- Bulan -Der Mond

Isn’t that life goes so fast?

Life has its ups and down, changing from the light to dark, or vice versa; just like each day we have all been having. Life is a blessing no matter how difficult the problems you are facing now.

When the day is light; work hard and try hard to achieve what you are dreaming of. Then…

When the day is dark; relax and evaluate your efforts.

And when it’s weekend; have some fun, and enjoy life.

Super! richtig?

The theme song of my favorite TV series in 1980 was chosen as the song is full of optimism. So, how’s the weather there?

Happy weekend!


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6 responses to “From Light to Dark in a Tropical Isle

  1. I LOVE summer! I think that summer is erfürchtig, wirklich! I have looked forward to this summer so much, and heat is synonymous with summer!

    Hats off to the sun! 🙂


  2. Wind chimes? …as far as what you call those things? 🙂

    I find it interesting that my girlfriend hates them – in Chinese culture, it’s believed that they attract ghosts!

    • AH ya!!! thanks! I once read about the name on a novel, but me being me;I am so forgetful sometimes. If only I were an English-walking dictionary!
      I know about these wind chimes in Chinese Culture, but it’s interesting to know about different cultures.These wind chimes don’t mean anything in my culture, most especially in Javanese culture,in fact most of the Javanese homes with traditional designs often have these. They are soothing, and it is even more soothing when they have a pond with water fountain; feeling like being blended with nature.
      Thanks for sharing Joshua!

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