A Booster Motivation: Beautiful Blogger Award


I have been blogging, well technically, 7 years. But it has always been off and on. First I thought it was because of my mood; which is sometimes looping like a roller coaster when it comes to jotting down my words. ( isn’t that the first step often a difficult task?). Second, I thought it was because of the platform I used. And this one is actually the cause of my blogging idleness. The idleness often kills me; I often feel strange when I do not write. You know like writing has become a part of my taste buds.

Having tried to write on different platforms, and ended up leaving them for good, I stumbled upon wordpress when I first joined B.A.D- Blog Action Day 2008 with the theme “Poverty”. I have had wordpress since then.

WordPress has motivated me blogging more persistently. Some people might say that blogging is a waste of time. Well, you’ve got to see it in a different perspective.Blogging is more than just jotting words, creating words into a beautiful piece of writing or whatever you wish to call the kind of writing a blogger blogs. If blogging were just jotting words, really I wouldn’t decide to sign to any kind of social networkings, or blogs.

Only recently, did I find lots of benefit of blogging. Here are some- at least they are benefits to me.

1. When I write, I simply do not write anything. What I mean is that I read sources before I decide to write a topic. It’s not that I don’t want to look stupid, but I am not confident enough to write things I know little. Thus I am challenged to alter my own behavior to more-into-reading-any-kind-of-reading-materials.

My inner monologue says “Don’t be picky!” and I say “I’ll try”

2.When I read people’s posts – I often feel “left behind”. Really, they are awesome writers who write critical thinking posts. Well, even if the posts are not “heavy” to read, still I am amazed at how they manage to create such enjoyable posts to read. The benefits? their posts are informative enough to tell me about the worlds outside my own world- my native land.

3.Blogger community. This may take effect after some years, but you’ll never know. There is some kind of blogger communities in my native land-Indonesia. They meet once a year to create a big event, a creative one. The event that enables one to meet people and befriend Not necessarily making this kind of big event, but the bottom line is that; the world is simply a small sphere. And this small sphere offers me different ways to learn more about anything which I am so ignorant about. I learn the world outside my own from those who are willing to share their knowledge, and experiences through a piece of writing called blogs.

And to my surprise, and my heartfelt gratitude for the appreciation a blogger has given me this Beautiful Blogger.

Drum will be rolled soon! as it’s getting late here…

The beautiful blogger awards to which I think deserve to get readers’ attention for their unique posts and writings( based on my opinions) will be shared soon.

For sure, I need a lot to learn .

For sure, It’s always my pleasure to share my culture, your culture(If I know)

For sure, It’s awesome to learn from people in far-off lands about things I might be so ignorant about.

Terimakasih / Danke/ Gracias

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15 responses to “A Booster Motivation: Beautiful Blogger Award

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    I would be thrilled to get an award as well!

    Seven years is a long time to be blogging.

    Another great thing about blogging is publicity. If you were to write a book, you would automatically have a following who would at least look at it, maybe even buy it. It’s an important step to becoming a well-known author.

    Congratulations again Lulu! Keep up the good work. 🙂


    • Yes, seven years, and I just realized it after somebody passed me this award.
      I hope so J.P,
      I hope the step will not be too long.I know we do have the same hope, right?
      Thanks once again for the encouragement

  3. Congratulations Lulu! You have such a lovely blog and your every post is so inspiring, I’m not surprised you got an award! 🙂
    Blogging has been a very positive experience for me, I became more disciplined about my writing, I came across some fascinating blogs and learned so much… And of course I’ve made some good friends… Who can ask for more? 🙂

    • Thank you Lua.
      I stumbled upon your blog, was it freshly pressed before? I don’t remember, but I instantly keep coming back to read your posts;lovely posts you have Lua.
      “I’ve made some good friends, who can ask for more?” I am on the same boat with you. So it’s not only about Blogging,right? if it is done seriously and full of consistency, you will get something out of it, I am sure.
      Thanks Lua for sharing your insight, and your encouragement!

    • Thank you so much!
      seven years! but I only did it seriously only recently. Come on post more photos and stories behind them!
      you like traveling and photography, right? they are just a perfect combination.:-)

  4. AH I thought you were there already,
    well, when you are there then:-) it’s going to be awesome to read your posts while you are there

  5. Congrats on the award! I totally understand this on and off blogging…been there! I love your blog and wish to learn more about Indonesia and other things form this beautiful blog. Thanks for stopping by my Homewarming blog 🙂

    • Hi Tes,
      I remember dropping by to your site sometime ago before a few minutes ago.
      It’s not easy sometimes to stick to one topic like you do;food and beverages. And it’s great.
      I love your blog too.
      Thanks for being here Tes

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