A Symbol of Pride

Indonesian's Flag in 1945

I am not sure what’s so appealing with country flags that I decided to use flag counter to help me introduce your flags whenever you visit my blogs.

I am not sure when the first time I started to like country flags. How many countries are there in the whole world on this planet? more than 200 I am pretty sure. I even just heard a country named Palau (Please google it if you want to know more about it. I am not here today to introduce Palau to you.)

I am not sure which country flags I like the most. Every country shows off its own beauty in a way I fail to describe how. And the beauty is reflected on its flag as well, at least it is in my eyes. Whenever I see a new flag popping up on my flag counter, I become as excited as child being given chocolates. Whenever I have the time, I spare some moment to learn more about the countries in which flags popped up on my flag counter. Sorry to say, I sometimes say “Oh,there is the country named “….”. I didn’t know it.”

I have no idea whether there are some criteria of flags I consider attractive. Is it the shape? Like Nepalis’ flag? the colors, maybe? The answers to those questions is simply ” There are no criteria.”

Hoist the flag on Independence Day

Take a look at my flag! Two simple equal horizontal bands : The Red and White-Sang Saka Merah Putih. The red (top) symbolizes bravery, while white(bottom) symbolizes purity of the heart.

It’s a real pride within myself whenever I see my flag which is actually similar to the flags of Poland( only differ in the order of the red and white), is identical to the flag of Hesse (a German state), and some other countries. I can even try to imagine Austrian flag is my flag when I cover the bottom red.

Do you know some little cupcakes with country flags pricked on them as decorations? you know those little country flags with toothpicks as the posts? Some years ago, I went to a store which sold some little cupcakes with those little flags pricked on them. I felt lucky as I got the German flag, the flag I’d wanted to have for a collection since I was, hmm, teenagers. Blame on their winning on the world cup in 1995, if I am not mistaken! Having won the world cup for many times has invited my curiosity about the country. Then I’ve come to realize I like country flags! AH!!! strange, now I found the answer to my own question when I started to like country flags! memory yang payah!

I know, well pretty know, the history behind my own flag. I am pretty sure yours have historical background until they become the flags you respect now. Every Indonesian has Sang Saka Merah Putih- The red and white, at home. Sometimes we do have more than one. I am not sure whether you have at least one of your flag at home too. And I am still having questions whether these actions below are also done there in your native land:

1. Hoist the flag on national public days off or independence day(of course).

It was taken in my former high school. Did you spot my flag there? Yes I am sure you did

2. Schools either private ones or the public ones have the red and white hosted especially on Monday. Then it has to be put down before 6 P.M- that’s the way we show respect to our flag.

3. When you see the red and white is hosted a half way of the post, there is only one meaning to it: one of the important and respected people in the country passes away.

I am pretty sure you, a citizen of a country ( exclude the dual citizenship holder people) think it is NOT silly to pay homage to your country flag.

I am pretty sure there is a sense of pride surge into you whenever you see your flag is on the other land of your own country.

I am pretty sure there is a little chunk of patriotism whenever you see your flags are hoisted along the streets to welcome foreign guests, foreign presidents, or entourage.

Tiny Flags with Big Pride

I am sure, flags and your national anthems are your symbols of pride even though you fail to explain me how.

I have only slightly doubt that you won’t like it if you see your flag is covered the whole stadiums in which the world cup is being held.

Whether or not I know the whole historical stories of your flags, it doesn’t stop me from being excited whenever I see you pop up here.

Maybe my excitement sounds silly to your ears, but perhaps that’s just me being the citizen of the world with a chunk of patriotism as an Indonesian.

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19 responses to “A Symbol of Pride

  1. Thanks for posting this! I used to teach high school World Geography and would show my students the Indonesian flag not knowing what it meant. They always commented how simple it was!

    Thanks for explaining.

    • Hi Joshua,
      yes, it’s simple, however the meaning is not- at least to me.
      When I was at school, Geography was among my favorite subjects.
      Thank you for being here

  2. Wow- I had no idea about this, thank you so much for this post Lulu! So informative and inspiring… It’s quiet sad how little we know about the world…

    • It’s a pleasure to share this, Lua.
      I think my knowledge about other countries are limited to some countries.
      This is the good thing of meeting bloggers all over the world,and learning the countries through their eyes.
      Thank you Lua
      Happy weekend!

  3. What a great post about flags Lulu! I have the same kind of excitement about languages as you do about flags. When I pass someone at the grocery store who is speaking Russian, although I’m not brave enough to say anything, a spark in me explodes!

    Is there a word for a person who likes flags?

    • Thank you JP
      I am not surprised we have the same kind of excitement! aren’t we linguistic freaks? hehe
      It’s the same with me when I hear someone/ some people speak in German. Even though I don’t think I will say hi to them, but I am intrigued to eavesdrop- try to listen to what they are talking about whether I can understand a word or two or more:-)
      Ha!! what a good question. If someone who likes to blog is called blogger, I guess someone who likes flags is called flagger? or flagamaniac?? hehe
      perhaps someday the words will be listed on a dictionary. Words are developing- just like “blogger” or “to blog”as a verb.

    • I know!!!!!! Moment glücklich!!!

      I think “To Google,” and “To Pluto,” are words too.

      And I translated it into Greek…if a stamp-lover is a Philatelic, then I suppose a flag-lover would be a Philasemaiac. …? lol

    • Ah !! I don’t remember when, but now that you brought the word “Pluto”up again, I remember having read somewhere somewhen about “pluto” as a verb now! awesome developing of a word, don’t you think?
      hehe Philasemaiac sounds difficult to remember:D, but who knows! one of these days it appears on English dictionary! all you have to do is to make it popular! I read your glossary, by the way. sehr interessant! hmm richtig?

    • Ah you liked my glossary! Wunderbar! Youlikey? These are words that I made up/use. Feel free to pass them around, I love spreading trends. 🙂

  4. Today there are a lot of flags being hoisted in Sweden because the crown-princes Victoria, will merry Daniel Westling…

    Nobody knows for sure where the Swedish flag comes from, it is blue with a yellow Cross. The most famous interpretation is I think that the blue symbolize the sky and the yellow the sun, and the cross, Sweden being Christian – it was a couple of years ago. The oldest flag in the world is also red and white like yours, it is the Danish flag, red with a white cross, The English flag is the inverse of the Danish like the Polish is the inverse of the Indonesian.

    In Sweden we flag when there is something to celebrate, a birthday or something like that. Earlier this month on June 6 Sweden has its national day, Sweden have no day of liberation to celebrate, instead we have our national day on the day that Gustav Vasa was crowned back in 1523.

    We do not celebrate this day much, it was only a couple of years ago that it became a public holiday. It took over this status from a different one, which is why there are less holidays this year as is the case every year when June 6 is on a Saturday or Sunday.

    The Swedish flag is also used in sports events. But I do not like it much, this whole consent of nationalism, I prefer globalization, there is some debate here whether Sweden should keep its undemocratic royalist system, not that we do not want Victoria to have a happy marriage, but we wonder what makes her qualify to be head of state when her dad passes away?

    • Daniel Westling is lucky, isn’t he a fitness instructor? are you invited? hehe. I don’t know maybe they have some kind of public party where it is open for people to come and congratulate them.
      The blue symbolizes the sky, then I should see the sky there someday. It’s strange sometimes how a day took its form become a public holiday. On the contrary, it’s quite different here- a used-to-be public holiday is not a public holiday anymore, because it is believed to have been the creation of some people who manipulated the truth after all these years, and the history is being questioned now-hmm politics!
      I don’t know about politics there, but this inherited position as the head of the state could harm you if she is not qualified enough. just my opinion!

  5. That’s an interesting article! I have an interest too for flags and their meaning. The Indonesian flag is a very powerful one, I like the simple stripes and their meaning. Can you tell me which flag is shown on the photo (the one down rightwith the shield and arrows)? Very intersting and wonderful flag too!

  6. Lulu… Nice piece… I love Flags of a Nation… it is the Symbol of meanings. Behind each flag is an Idea… and convictions… and brave men and women who brought that country to be what it is today… I may not agree to its philos0phy or its precepts .. but I understand… that flag.. sometimes fly on a foreign soil to represent is government and people… a harbor or oasis to be a piece of the that persons mother land. I have seen our flag raised in victory… lowered in defeat… flown with pride and with sorry and remorse… The flag is the symbol of the family… of a nation… and like all families… there is good and bad…..

    • Thanks Jim! If ever I have a corner somewhere in our home, I would want to have a corner where I can put small flags of nearly all countries! I like your insight ! it is indeeed true that flag is an idea, and knowing the idea means learning the culture, and the history as well, in my opinion.

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