Walks to Remember and Relive

Nocturnal Messages


I heard a cricket chirps.
chirp.. chirp… chirp….
It reminds me of a night,
With only slightly light.

I heard a nocturnal bird,
Making soft hoot,
I was lying on my bed, which was totally smooth,
and I was completely soothed.

I heard a blob of a broken tap.
Every few seconds it dropped.
It reminds me of a day,
When I ate yummy cheesy soup next to a bay.

I heard a group of frogs croak.
They sounded manly.
It reminds me of my childhood,
When my mother sang me a lullaby.

I’ve lived far away from the nature.
Now that I hear are only the sound of siren, glasses toss, and the whirling of a broken fan.
Isn’t life is such a bore?
When nature is leaving us behind?
The world is dead.
When humans are no longer in touch with nature.


Bisakah manusia kembali kepada alam, dan bersahabat dengannya?

Can human make piece with nature?

When I was in western part of Java, Bogor that was. I often took an early morning walk around the neighborhood where I lived. I did cycle sometimes. Taking an early morning walk was something I often looked forward to doing back then, the feeling was soothing. When I exhaled, the air was fresh. I wonder whether it’s still the same there now.Anyhow, the perfect breakfast after the walk was chicken porridge served with “krupuk:- crunchy crackers, and of course some spicy sauce. A glass of tea or orange juice was the companion. I was sitting at the porch of my parents’ house while having my simple breakfast after a morning walk. It was perfect!

When I was in Germany spending time with my love, we took some walks to some parks. It was winter, and the air was absolutely freezing. Taking an afternoon walk or evening walk in winter with the one I care about was something I couldn’t explain, in other words, yes words fail me. It was more than nice when we got back home, and watched the day was soon turning to dark.

DO, Germany

Anyhow, the perfect dinner after the walk was something new to me; olives (of course not olives alone). A glass of juice was the companion. I was sitting next to him, and watching TV, talking and enjoying the meals. It was perfect!

Our Walks in Füssen Germany

Hopes and dreams are imprinted in my mind, but I have already told you; privacy is privacy.

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8 responses to “Walks to Remember and Relive

  1. You have a Great tit!

    The bird on the picture is not a robin, but it is instead a great tit (Parus major) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Tit
    The robin, is special in that its chest is red.

    When I was on Tenerife, I was walking with my sisters family in a ravine and there was a very nice Robin that I got some quite nice photos of if you like I can send to you.

  2. Ya Jens, I noticed it, sorry I haven’t updated it yet. I once had a robin, a very small one, cute – green and orange.
    Sure Jens, send me some, perhaps I will use one of them for my post under your permission of course.

  3. “Can human make piece with nature?” I ask this question to myself from time to time and I always answer; I sure hope so! Otherwise, we’re in deep trouble!
    I love the pictures and the bird is just amazing! I take long morning walks with my dogs, that’s usually where I get my best ideas 🙂

    • yes, nature says “Mutual friendship; you are good to me then I’ll be good. You do us some evil, I’ll put you to trouble; deep trouble.”
      That’s nice to take morning walks, right?Its freshness is the source of ideas.
      Thanks Lua

  4. It’s nice to walk. I believe it’s even nicer to walk together. A meal or just a cup of tea will finish it off in a good way.
    May your hopes and dreams come true in a near future Lulu!

    • A meal or just a cup of tea will finish it off in a good way

      Love this Gerda!
      And thanks for your wishes!

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