Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder

Whether or not you are an avid traveler who travels from one place to another, I am almost sure that you have what you call some favorite places. The places you won’t mind visiting for even, say, hundreds of time. Just because they are so memorable that you plan on reliving the memorable moments you have shared there or they just offer you something different; something which you can’t possibly get in your own place, native land, mother land, whatever you call it.

I think I am on the same boat with the saying:

“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.”

Beautiful is relative, thus each person has her or his own definition of what beautiful is or what should be considered beautiful:

  • Wreath

    An art from seashells (seashells wreath) may look bad for some people, but may look absolutely attractive to some others. Those who say it’s bad share their opinions that it’s just not right to use seashells for an art, they belong to nature, and let them just scatter around and / along the sea shore. So,the tongue twisted words don’t ever exist:

Sheilla sells seashells by the seashore.

Those who share their opinions that this kind of art is attractive think that seashells are pretty: look at the shape, the motives, the colors, and the size! Those seashells deserve the attention of the global audience.

  • When it comes to a person’s physical characters, we can’t really blame others that they have the wrong eyes. It’s a matter of taste, it’s a matter of attractiveness vibe in you that is seen and felt differently by other people. There is no fixed standard / rule that says how a person can be called sexy, handsome, pretty, or whatever adjectives you want to use to describe someone’s physical characters. If you think Brad Pitt is handsome, he is not at all to me, hehe, sorry Mr.Pitt.
  • Bromo East Java, INA

    Do you believe that each city offers different experiences, challenges, and of course vibes? before you come to a city, you do some research, talk to native people about the city in order to minimize the cultural shocks. Then you are ready to visit the city! When you come to the city, you say :

Oh, wow! it’s amazing.

your jaw dropped, or…

Oh gosh! This is such a beautiful place.

or other similar jaw-dropping expressions.

Then your native friends are doing their inner monologues:

Hmm, wow she/ he is so excited looking at this view. We think it’s just usual view.

A city may look just usual or boring to natives, yet it may look somehow exotic, pretty, modern, just different to non-natives.

Just like the picture of this view below which was taken in Dortmund,Germany. Some people may think it’s such a usual view, and claim that they have seen so many similar views that they don’t think it’s pretty or unusual any longer- let’s just say ; this kind of view has lost its charm. Some people may feel nothing when seeing this picture below, because it is the view they see almost every day. Yet, it is different to me. It represents the moments I have shared there. The photo is not JUST a photo, but a photo with stories, and experiences- loving wanderlust. So the photo is indeed alive to me.And when I decided to blog about it; the moments come to live. That’s what I called as an effort to reliving moments.

Dortmund, Germany

Are you on the same boat with me?

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4 responses to “Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder

  1. I’m so happy we all got different eyes… What one considers to be beautiful, the other one can’t stands to look at and I love that variety! This was we each get to choose what’s beautiful for ‘our eyes’… Great post Lulu 🙂

    • Hi Lua!
      I guess this variety makes our lives more colorful, don’t you think? this variety opens a healthy debate among friends, lovers, husband and wives, teachers and students etc. I guess there are always two opposite sites of a coin, but somehow they complete each other.THanks for your insight, Lua
      Happy weekend!

  2. That’s why it’s good to share so we can see things from one another “eyes”… 🙂

    By the way, I’m catching up now… somehow the allergy pill I took last night didn’t make me feel sleepy like usual. How many do I owe you? 😛 Talk soon!

    • Sis, do you take pills to help you feel sleepy? Why don’t you do a more, hmm, traditional way. I know how active you are, but just think of my suggestion – for your own sake.
      Well, you owe me much, hehehe, kidding really

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