Discarding Lu’s 16 May’s Thoughts

1. An Online Journalist

2.The Face of Indonesia : Water in a Pottery.

3. The Taste of Indonesia : Munching Pleasantly Crunchy Crackers

4. Snail Mail Against Technology

5. The Art of Cooking : The Most “Killing” Recipe…

6. Indonesia in Action : Make it 14, Bitte!

7. The Grass on the Other Side of the Fence : The Old Man

8. Lombok (Indonesia) At a Glance : Hot Wedding Tour.

9.News from the Galaxy: Missing the Visit of Aphrodite.

10. A Touch of a Class: Home Sweet Home

11. No Pun Intended: But, Silence is Golden, Really!

12.Tick-tock : 30 Minutes is All I can Give.

13.Pondering: Under the Grip of Materialism.

14.Archipelago: When Bali Offers You Something.

15.Lady Beetles: Come Fly with Me.

16.Latchkey Children: I need my candles, please!

For the sake of my own brain

For the sake of my appreciation to the freedom of speech

For the sake of my learning process as a blogger- a writer someday

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4 responses to “Discarding Lu’s 16 May’s Thoughts

  1. Hi there …I saw your comment on my blog ….if you really want to follow me on Twitter you can do that. I have a lot of Chinese followers because of the articles I’ve written about the Great Firewall in China. I lived and worked in China for three and a half years. So please follow if you want to, I will follow you.
    My Twitter id is joer223 …..So follow me 🙂 So you are in Indonesia. Wow! that’s awesome …I know Indonesia is so beautiful.
    I wish to travel there one day ….I like your blog. I will be back to read more …

    Continued Success …

    • Yep, I guess your blog specializes on twitter things, hehe. I might have missed your post about the Great Firewall in China. As an outsider, I think your writing there about the post you mentioned attracted natives to read more; they want to know how the outsider think about them.I think I would do the same if someone who is not native wrote about my country; I would be curious how she or he thinks about us.
      Thanks for your comment on my country. I guess each country is unique; there is the good and the bad.:-)/
      I’ll track you on twitter, see ya

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