Tick-tock: 30 Minutes is All I Can Give!

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Remember a few years ago when you did not even know the words or phrases, such as “Blogging”, “social networking” such as “Friendster”, ‘Facebook” “Twitter” and all that jazz would emerge a few years later?

When they emerge, and have won public attention, some people might think the world is getting smaller, and smaller. Privacy is getting violated more easily, Self-pride is getting bigger and bigger. I might be able to think of some other effects of these modern words or phrases on human beings, but I do not think that’s necessary to list here. Gak Penting! as an Indonesian says. I can’t recall when I first used the service of these kinds of social networking, but it could be around 1999 in my first year of university student. I was introduced to a social networking by a friend, then by some friends. I guess I was pretty left behind at that time. I kept on being convinced about how good / fun / extraordinary such social networking sites were. Having been a bit curious about what they had been talking about, I decided to sign up, but just signed up meaning I was passive, well quite passive regarding trying the features the site offered me as their user.

A few years later around 2006, there was another similar social networking site I knew. Again! I was introduced by a friend, my Australian friend. I kept on being fed by some info on how different this site was. OKay, I signed up, just signed up meaning just the same as the previous social networking I signed up. I have to be honest, the site was indeed a bit different even though they have the same concept as I’d say their ancient social networking. The site suggested by a friend was simpler, neater ( not so many features), and of course more practical at some point. I had no contacts by that time; only I myself, and a friend who suggested me the site. The site, which is called Facebook, was not mushrooming yet in my country, and probably not in many other parts of the countries you see on the world map either. In my opinion those sites like Facebook or Friendster or some other similar sites offer the same concepts, such as:

1.Letting the users being open ( at least to yourself at first); They help you express yourself. Some people have difficulties in expressing themselves especially in public, I mean really public audience ( real audiences in a real life, not a life behind your computer desk.)so maybe these sites could help you a bit before you put the lesson into practice.

When I say being open to yourself is because these sites urge you to speak up, update whatever you are doing, whatever you have achieved in your life. Just say your words! no matter whether people are listening (read: reading) what you posted on your walls. It’s time to share, show yourself up, get the attention of people. People are basically selfish creatures, I’d say. There is an ego inside us!. People like it when they feel so important. When they get the attention they want, it will arise their self-pride, their confidence.

But maybe this concept is not true to some….

A site is just a site

At the time I joined, my contacts were only one or two, less than ten. I did not even know them well, hehe. But the “good’ thing having small numbers of people ( especially those I do not know that well, but know enough that they are descent people.)was that I could just yell on my walls whatever I wanted to say without having felt to worry somebody might have thought that I am silly, etc. I was “aloud” on my walls, yet I still kept my privacy. I still do.

Now there are some changes! Facebook has become more and more popular. It gets more and more audiences, thus walls are getting more stuffy, crowded, sillier, funnier, etc. The getting-more-popular Facebook has transformed me into believing that I shall not shout some things on my walls: I’ve come to realize I need my space.

2.Enabling the user being connected with friends, family whom you do not meet often. For the sake of friendship, some people claim.

While some people have taken a path of deleting facebook accounts, I choose to be a part of it until now. I have family, and friends far away. It is my privacy whether I am close to them or not, but I choose to communicate with them at least on a regular basis. People may say I can just do that via e-mails, Yep! I can, but the hindrance is that people are just too lazy to write e-mails sometimes. Thus, facebook which limits characters (134words something) posted on the walls is a great help.

I know how addictive these social networking can be. Somehow the people behind these sites (which are already booming) are very good at reading what public wants to stay happy with them, to be their addict users.

I know how bad these social networking can be. You just don’t have time to read news, do your own off-line life, focus on your work at the office, do your projects. I even once read that some people had postponed their work for some months, because this Facebook is so attractive that they were so curious about what was going on now in their circle of friends or they just couldn’t stand sharing their lives.

To me, and right now…

I choose to take control over Facebook instead of it takes control over my life, well, that’s too extreme, takes control over my routine, heehe. You are good, but only for those who know about time management. So, this is to warn me myself: 30 minutes is all I can give to you dear Facebook.

I think I shall be careful with blogging as well, but all is fine so far, so once again:30 minutes is all I can give to you dear Facebook.

Moderately Confused

Facabook Alive

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3 responses to “Tick-tock: 30 Minutes is All I Can Give!

  1. Great discourse Lulu! I am a non-facebooker. It just doesn’t compete with real, personal interaction. I would much rather go out for ice cream with friends than “facebook” with them. (Will that become a word too?) I gave you a five-star! -j.p.

    • Personal interaction is indeed more meaningful than “facebook interaction”. It would be okay to make an appointment on facebook, then meet for real instead of”meeting”on facebook online.
      Hmm I don’t like facebooking – that’s a verb yes?:D
      boy! we are really linguistic freaks!
      Thanks for the stars J.P

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