A Touch of A Class : Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home…

Have you ever been far away from home? Then when you are away, your mind is going back home, ONLY your mind. You must be wondering each corner of your home you love the most, the people who share laughter, stories, even tears there. I do have a certain part of my home I miss the most when I am away, but privacy is privacy!

One of the things I like is looking at home design books, architectural books. I am neither an architect nor an interior design specialist, yet I love nice homes, buildings with great or even unique architecture. I really have no specific reasons why I do love them. Sometimes it’s hard to tell other people why you like certain things. You just like them, that’s it.

There is a TV show here about “Homes and Buildings”. This show tells unique homes, and buildings all over the world, the constructions people use for their homes or buildings, the inspirations they get, the first floor-plans they make, the interior design they selectively choose. It’s interesting to know how creative people are regarding home designs.

Home is a place for inspiration, pondering things going on around them, relaxing lovingly either alone or with those whom they love dearly. I believe this is a simple question to ask, yet to some people, the answer might not that easy.

The question is :

Which part(s) of your home do you like the most?

“It doesn’t matter whether the part of the house is, say, decorated professionally, or filled with great stuff, modern stuff, and so on.” Some people claim…

“But, it’s the atmosphere I like there in my simple kitchen.” Another claims.

Being someone who is into cooking, and eating, I nearly never skip KITCHEN home design part. Speaking of kitchen, Indonesia has a bit of different kitchen from other countries ( especially western part of the countries).

In general, kitchens in most of Indonesians’ homes are not as minimalistic as in westerns’ kitchens.The most “significant” difference is probably on some of kitchen utensils. One most eye-catching is RICE COOKER. It goes without saying that rice is indeed our staple food. It might sound strange, but Indonesians will look for rice after bread. Indonesian kitchen is adorned by rice cooker at the counter, or other corners in the kitchen which are visible even for the guests — “Have yourself at home!” means when you visit Indonesians’ homes you will most likely be served with rice, of course it won’t be rice alone. Sometimes you are asked to take your own portion of rice. Rice cooker is indeed important to most of Indonesians.

Once again I am not an architect. Whenever I make some comments on architectural buildings, I only see them through my eyes- the eyes of an ordinary person with extraordinary ideas sometimes LOL, hehe. I see those buildings, because they are unique, artistic, homey or whatever adjectives I might use to describe them.

Only recently did I make some tour on the internet; browsing some examples of home design, and anything related to architecture. There is one site for floor-planners, which is a quite good site. The site gives you 2D, and 3D view as well as some tools you need to make your home-design project. The only downside is that you have to pay for more than one design of floor-plan. However, here’s the site Home Design.

Having been let down by the downside of the site (sigh), I decided to ONLY browse some pictures of Home Design.

Kitchen No.1


The colors are okay, but the cabinet looks a bit old, and gloomy.

The only thing I like from this kitchen is only the lamps; Red and white- “berkibarlah Indonesiaku“LOL

It’s not because of the colors of the lamps though ( it’s not really the main factor why I like them). It’s the arrangement of the lamps!

Kitchen 2

Kitchen No.2

The colors, however, are better than Kitchen no. 1.When I look at this kitchen, it looks homey indeed; small but nice. When I chose this, I was interested in the size. It is small, but they manage to make it looks comfortable instead of stuffy. Too bad, they don’t show more angles of the kitchen

Kitchen No.3

Bright Kitchen

Okay, that looks indeed elegant, but it does not make me want to do cooking activities there. The only thing I like is actually the window box- hmm I forget what it is called. But it’s nice to know you can put flowers in a pot or two there in front of the window.

Kitchen No. 4

Kitchen 4

The corner looks homey. It’s simple style, nothing seems fancy here. The tap looks usual as well, but I think that does the charm: It really makes the kitchen nice. The fluorescent lamps on the right corner and on the left corner have taken my attention.

Kitchen No.5


Okay, first of all- it looks robotic! matrix! It’s not the kind of kitchen I have always had in mind. It’s absolutely minimalist in strange way, hehe. It has lost its human touch, however, wait!: my mom just said that it looks like a factory with machines down there in the shelf! This kind of kitchen may be good for those who only cook once in a month or once in three months? just my opinion.

Kitchen No.6

Homey 2

It’s only one-sided view, they don’t let me see the sink view. But I think this is a kind of homey kitchen. The lamps are cute, and simple. And there is even a small corner next to the fridge. I think it’s designed for only two people there. I think this is neat.

Kitchen No.7


What a clean corner! It looks great though, but probably won’t be the best friend of your budget. The kitchen will lose its modern touch if you fill it with, say, more traditional kitchen utensils.

Kitchen No.8

Bright kitchen. There are corners you can play with your ingredients here and there, which is good. What I mean to say is that if you get bored chopping your onions in the middle table, you can move next to the sink while looking at the other side of the world ( of your kitchen) outside,just be careful with your knife and finger. What a nice kitchen! What captured my attention the most is actually the table in the middle. Perhaps with some modification on the window will make this kitchen looks more interesting.

Kitchen No.9

It looks simple; nice little corner next to the fridge. Two high chairs, for quick breakfast, and coffee or tea or milk whatever you want to have. I think this kitchen may look more attractive if they play colors ( two colors; red and black).

Kitchen 9

I always love combination of black and red; they are elegant colors I think. Just like the shelf below.

There are just too many to browse. It’s kinda addictive! I’ve got to stop, and start doing something else.

Home is home! Home is where you enjoy spending your time relaxingly. Whichever part(s) of your home you like best as long as you are happy, then it’s your home.

Interior Design: Red, and Black! that’s neat, isn’t it?

Interior Design

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2 responses to “A Touch of A Class : Home Sweet Home

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  2. Lulu,
    I am such a home and garden magazine geek. I read a lot of them and sometimes when I’m bored I dig out the 3-4 years old issues to read. I just love the creativity of the designer and artist… and also maybe because I haven’t own a home yet…so it’s a kind of my day dream 🙂

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