Indonesia in Action : Make it 14, Bitte!

Makeshift doubles team of Nova Widianto and Alvent Yulianto overcame a stiff challenge from Japanese duo of Noriyasu Hirata and Hiroyuki Endo 21-14, 22-20 on Friday to help Indonesia reach the Thomas Cup badminton team championship final.

Nova and Alvent squandered four match points in the thrilling match at Putra Stadium in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur before regaining their composure to give Indonesia an unbeatable 3-1 lead.

Indonesia has won the trophy for a record 13 times but will be making its first final appearance since 2002. The national team will play either defending champion China or host Malaysia.

First singles Taufik Hidayat gave Indonesia an early 1-0 lead with an easy 21-9, 21-14 win over Kenichi Tago. World number one Markis Kido and Hendra Setiawan made a short work of Kenichi Hayakawa and Kenta Kazuno 21-9, 21-11 to double the margin.

Simon Santoso looked to settle the issue beyond doubt when he took the first set in the second singles match against Sho Sasaki. But the Japanese fought back to sweep the next two sets for a 19-21, 21-13, 21-11 to keep his team’s hopes alive.

Taken from Indonesia Reaches Thomas Cup Final

Team Thomas

Let’s flashback! The years were of course, the years when I started following the matches.

Besides, I am 80’s person.


I remember watching badminton matches excitedly. We did not always win within these years of course. There were times when we had to let the Cups go; Thomas, and Uber Cup to our rival(s). Having watched the matches within these years was sometimes “disappointing”, in a “happy” way. Disappointing as we had to let the Cups go, yet we had played all out, we knew, so we had done the best to bring the Cups home to our homeland Indonesia. I’ve got to admit, during these period of years, I’d seen a lot of deadly matches played by our teams; both female, and male.

I remember watching matches played by our doubles team of Ricky Subagdja, and Rexi Mainaky. Sorry, I can’t recall when the matches took place exactly, but somewhen around 1989 something. The matches I saw one evening were so tough that I even can’t forget about them until today. It’s our proud to capture Olympic gold in Atlanta in 1996. Really sorry, I don’t plan on listing the medals as a part of achievements we have gathered over the last few years, but always trust as one of the best search engines to know more about our achievements.

I remember being in tears of happiness knowing that our team ( at that time doubles male team)won amazingly in some tough matches. Having seen the scores were racing, I felt both nervous and self-confident about our team.


I have tried to watch badminton matches in which our teams play, but I don’t feel as excited as I was before like in the years between 1988-1999. I don’t know why! when I see our scores in one match are far left behind, I feel a bit pessimistic our teams will catch up. When I see the scores in one match are leading, I feel glad, but just glad, not great. In my opinion, the quality of our teams need some improvement, especially in netting. I don’t know whether I miss something, but our teams are not really good at netting anymore. I am not a badminton player, but once I joined a club. I think netting is one of the many ways to capture scores.

It’s out of the question that I give my best wishes to our teams as always. Now that the female team lost, and the male team reaches finals. I hope they will bring THOMAS home, and more of my wishes; They manage to marry UBER and THOMAS after some years of separation someday, AND manage to make them stay in Indonesia for years.

WAY TO GO INDONESIA !! I LOVE YOU! Aku Cinta Indonesia, Ich liebe Indonesia.

Love note : my heartfelt gratitude to all athletes involved in the championship today. I know at least I believe you have done your best. Keep fighting for you, your family, and most especially our beloved Indonesia.


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2 responses to “Indonesia in Action : Make it 14, Bitte!

    • Hi, you have such informative page, well looks so, haven’t browsed all yet. Thanks for informing! I am watching.
      Too bad Indonesia lost the Uber Cup.
      Enjoy the matches!

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