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I started to believe that we are all great writers, the question is ” Do we want to?”. Writing has been my passion since I started to be able to spell A, B,C in my native language, Bahasa. You know, Diary?. I was into it. The simple past I used means that my diary has moved to an online diary, which is now called as “Blogs”. The difference between those of off-line diary and on-line one lies on the privacy. Even though I can set my online diary to private, yet I do not feel right doing so for some reasons.

Speaking of being great writers yourselves, you can if you want. I have started blogging since 2003. But my mood was up and down when it came to blogging. That was because I focused my time on my study. Early 2006, I started to blog more seriously, once again; none was actually about myself. I guess there are just too many things around me that need exposing. Early 2006, I encountered confusion of what platform I would use for good. That year, blogs seemed to be mushrooming, offering people who wanted to be called as bloggers some neat features, and practicalities. I have had some blogs here and there, and I have abandoned some of them, and the worse thing I even can’t recall some of them( sigh). Only recently did I find out that some strangers sent me messages telling me about my poems which appeared on google search when they were about to find some poems, and they quite liked my poems; it has been my motivation to write poems then. And in 2007 I started to try my luck on a site which enables you to sell your talent. I am not claiming I am talented in writing poems, but I like writing poems. It was in 2008 that I sold my first book of poetry online there. Yes! I was using the site as the site happened to be me as well ( if you know what I mean.) The response I got has been okay. My first intention to sell my writings there was not to make myself famous, yet I wanted to know how far I could go, and in all conscience, I wanted to make money out of it.

I have been thinking about this money online since I started blogging. Can I make money out if it? Can I sell something? Can “Writing online” be a job?.Many people are quite skeptical about this, I am one of them, or should I say I WAS? My attitude towards “writing online pays you” has moved to an optimistic path. I have read some books, some articles that tell successful people through writing online, but here’s what shocked me the most:

They started to bear the fruits only after 5 years of blogging seriously; good content, interesting ones instead of only hot air stories.

5 years! some had to bear more than 5 years! but the bottom line is that they are consistent ; nothing is easy if you want to be successful, life is hard- I know! well unless you are struck by a lucky star that falls on your head all of a sudden. But even so, you’ve got to be smart to keep your present which has just fallen, so that the present will not be only staying in your life temporarily.

5 years of blogging consistently! then you manage to retire in early age. Some say : it’s a waste of time! you’d better work seriously on your profession. But I have to disagree:

Each of us is into something which is out of his or her profession. A teacher who is into cooking, then building up a site of recipes which is accessed by people online; the teacher got an award, and invitation abroad.

A white-collar employee who puts great interest in photography; doing it for fun, then uploading tons of wonderful shots of his online. And that person got some job offers related to photography.

I have joined associated content ; you are paid for what you write IF you gather readers because your writing is worth reading. I am not talking aboit me here, but in associated content, you have the chance to be a journalist.

Like I said it”

It will take time until one becomes successful, life is hard.

I don’t want to sound like I was spreading hot air because I did not include the sites of the successful people behind their hobbies. But I believe you are smart people who can find out yourself what I mean.

I am into writing, and I am hoping to gather readers. Readers who like what I write, and are as optimistic as I am about an online journalist. Yes, I hope to be an online journalist, and get paid for what I write. But most importantly, I want to write.


5 responses to “An Online Journalist

  1. I think it’s a privilege for us to be able to write and interact with a bigger audience thanks to the ability to write in English. I’d start there first – by trying not to take it for granted and being grateful instead. If I’m asked why I write blogs, that is because I love doing it. When I love it then it will be good for the long run. The next question is how to do so and to each his own. That’s what makes blogging so interesting to me – the variety of contents. Good luck to whatever you want to do with your blogs!

  2. sometimes I won’t care so much whether or not my blogs are read, just play with words and let them out here. But there’s a time when I think “I shall get something out of this.” I think you feel the same, you told me:-).
    Thanks sis, you too! it’s a plus for you that you master CSS:-)

    • Thank you Slamdunk! I have been blogging for a long time, but I guess I have started seriously only recently after I joined wordpress

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