After More Than A Year

Shady Tree and I

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I know I know… this sounds so complicated! If you notice or have some kind of detective’s mind, you might find out that I have more than one blog. Yep! I have three!
1.Blogspot- intended to Bahasa only ( I have made up my mind about it recently.)
2. Multiply – I still love it somehow. Even though I do not really use it that much anymore. I have met good friends there, how can I leave it??
3.Wordpress- What can I say? I think I am going to use this for my English blogs. It’s the same as multiply The only difference is the privacy option, well I guess.

4. Updated! I just remembered I have one on associatedcontent. It’s a nice place to write as well as you will be paid for what you write. Hmm, maybe I should do it there too?hehe, gee!
So, am I going to update this wordpress often? Naaa! I can’t promise that, but for sure I will write here. It’s just hard to stop blogging as I do love writing a lot! a lot!
This is just a short post! I can’t really think much now. I have a lot of things to do beside blogging today. So, see you around readers! Oh yes, be warned! if you like my page, why don’t you tell me?

6 responses to “After More Than A Year

  1. Heidi! what a surprise! a nice one though. Thank you so much Heidi. I started this blog already in 2008, started to fill this up 2009, and stopped at the same year. Now I am back here again.

  2. I guess I am not much of a detective…, I didn’t know this one yet! Now that I do I will be around to follow you here as well. 🙂

  3. Gerda!! Did I just dream? all my good friends are here:-)I am so happy now.
    Hehe, you are not much of a detective? Iguess you are more of a photographer!. Thanks Gerda! My posts here will be directed to facebook and twitter as well.

    • I have even a post posted in 2008!! can you imagine? hehe. But you know, I did not continue until 2010.
      Good to know you like what you see:-)

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